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Kha- names beginning or starting with Kha- for females. Names that start with Kha- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Kha- names for boys. Usage of these girl names reached its peak in 1994 and it is somewhat lower today, with names like Khadijah becoming less trendy.

Candice - Khadija

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[Khandace, Khandice, .. 25 more] Var. of Candice 1 Origin fr. Latin word. "Clarity, whiteness." The variant forms Khandace and Khandice are rarely used as feminine names. ..

[Khandi, .. 7 more] Var. of Candy 2 Based on English element. "Sweet." Unique as a birth name. ..

[Kharissa, .. 9 more] Var. of Carissa 3 Origin fr. Latin, Greek words. "Beloved; grace." The variant form Kharissa is rarely used as a feminine name. See also Karisse. ..

[Kharissa] Var. of Charissa 4 Source fr. Greek word. "Grace." Scarce as a name for girls. See also Korissa. ..

Khadija [Khadijah, Khadiya, Khadyja, .. 6 more] 5 Origin fr. Arabic word. "Early baby." Khadijah has declined in favor as a name for girls over time since 1994. ..

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[Candice - Khadija]
Candice [Khandace, Khandice], Candy [Khandi], Carissa [Kharissa], Charissa [Kharissa], Khadija [Khadyja, Khadiya, Khadijah]