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"KI" names beginning or starting with Ki- for women. Click here for the list of names containing the element "ki", and here for the list of Ki- names for boys. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity in the year 1999 (usage of 0.0662%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.0309%, down 53.3%), but with names like Kiana, Kirsten, Kiley, Kiersten and Kierra falling out of fashion. The most fashionable baby names among these are Kimber (#634), Kimberly (#105), Kira (#350), Kiara (#353) and Kiera (#592).

Akiva - Christina

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[Kiba, Kibah, Kiva, Kivah, Kivi, .. 3 more] Var. of Akiva 1 Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Protect, shelter." Kiba, Kivi, etc. were not Top birth names in 2014.

[Kit, Kittee, Kittie, Kitty, .. 208 more] Var. of Catherine 2 Derivative of Greek element. "Pure." Popular. Compare Kittee and common -tee last names Gartee (top 66%), Antee (40%). ..

[Kikelia, Kikylia, .. 87 more] Forms of Cecilia 3 Derivative of Latin, Old Welsh. "Blind; sixth." Not in Top 1000. ..

[Kiara, Kiarra, .. 2 more] Var. of Chiara 4 Derived fr. Italian, Latin elements. "Bright, famous." Usage of Kiara and Kiarra as baby names in 2014 was down 6.4% compared to the previous year. ..

[Kirsten, Kirstie, Kirstin, Kit, .. 113 more] Forms of Christina 5 Derivative of Latin element. "Follower of Christ." Somewhat frequently used as children's names, Kirsten, Kirstin, etc. are pronounced like the common Kiersten. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ki- names: Kiara, Kiarra, Kirsten, Kirstie, Kirstin, Kittie, Kitty

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Summary of all names (grouped by variations) for Ki- names for girls.

[Akiva - Christina]
Akiva [Kiva, Kivi, Kibah, Kivah], Catherine [Kit, Kitty, Kittie, Kittee], Cecilia [Kikelia, Kikylia], Chiara [Kiara, Kiarra], Christina [Kit, Kirsten, Kirstin, Kirstie]

[Christine - Kim]
Christine [Kine, Kirsty, Kirstin], Ciana [Kiana], Ciara [Kiara, Kiera], Cithara [Kitara, Kithara], Kanisha [Kinicia, Kinisha], Katelyn [Kitlyn], Katherine [Kitti, Kitty, Kittey, Kittie], Keandra [Kiandra, Kiandria], Keiko [Kiko], Keisha [Kisha, Kicia, Kiesha], Kendall [Kindall], Kendra [Kinna, Kindra], Kenzie [Kinzie], Kezia [Kizzy, Kissie, Kizzie], Kia [Kiah], Kiana [Kiona, Kioni, Kionna, Kionah, ..], Kiara [Kiarra, Kierra], Kiki, Kiley [Kilee], Kim [Kimy, Kimme, Kimmy, Kimmie, ..]

[Kimberly - Kylie]
Kimberly [Kimm, Kimmy, Kimmie, Kimblyn, ..], Kimi [Kimiko], Kina, Kindra, Kineta [Kinetta], Kinneret, Kinsey [Kinsee, Kinsie, Kinzee, Kinnsie, ..], Kioko, Kira [Kirra, Kirya, Kiriah, Kiriana, ..], Kirby, Kiri, Kirsi, Kirsten [Kirsty, Kirstyn, Kirstine, Kirstynn, ..], Kirsty [Kirsti, Kirstee, Kirstie], Kishi, Kismet [Kismat], Kitra, Kitty [Kit, Kitlyn, Kittee, Kittey], Kizzy [Kissie, Kizzie], Kylie [Kilea, Kiley]

[Kyra - Kyra]
Kyra [Kira]