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Names starting with Leon-

10 Leon- name results beginning or starting with Leon- for baby girls, listing 1-10. Here is the list of Leon- names for boys.

Eleanor (Old French, Old German) "Other, foreign." ..
[Leonor, Leonora, Leonore]

Helen (Greek) "Sun ray." ..
[Leonara, Leonora, Leonore]

Leandra (Greek) "Lion man." ..

Lenna (Old German) "Lion's strength." ..

Lenore (Greek) "Light." ..
[Leonora, Leonore]

Leona (Latin) "Lion." ..
[Leone, Leonelle, Leonia, Leonie, Leontine, Leontyne]

Leonarda (Old German) "Lion strength." ..

Leonie (Latin) "Lion." ..
[Leonda, Leondra, Leondrea, Leonline, Leone, Leonela, Leoni, Leonie, Leonine, Leontine]

Leonora (Greek) "Compassion; light." ..
[Leonor, Leonore]

Leontyne (French) Feminine of Leon, made familiar by opera celebrity Leontyne Price.
[Leontina, Leontine]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Leon- names: Leonor, Leonora, Leonore, Leona, Leone, Leonie, Leontine

Leona, Leonarda, Leone, Leonia, Leonie, Leonor, Leonora, Leonore and Leontine are commonly used names, while the other Leon- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Suggested names starting with: Leo-, Le-.


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