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Names starting with Li-

Page 1/5. 96 Li- name results beginning or starting with Li- for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Li- names for boys.

Adelinde (Old German) "Noble, soft, tender." ..

Adeline (Old German) "Noble." ..

Aileen (Norman) Scottish variant of Eileen ..
[Liana, Lianna, Liannah, Lina, Linah]

Alexandra (Greek) "Man's defender." ..
[Lisandra, Lisandrina, Lisandrine, Lissandra, Lissandre, Lissandrine]

Alice (Old German) "Noble, exalted." ..
[Licha, Lichah, Lissa]

Alicia (Old German) "Noble, exalted." ..

Alida (Latin) "Small winged one." ..
[Lida, Lidah, Lita]

Alina (Greek) "Sun ray." ..
[Lina, Linah]

Alix (Old German) "Noble." ..

Alyssa (Greek) "Rational." ..
[Lissa, Lissie]

Arlene Modern coinage of unclear origin ..

Belinda (Italian) "Beautiful." ..
[Linda, Lindie, Lindy]

Carmel (Hebrew) "Garden, orchard." ..
[Lina, Lita]

Carmen (Hebrew) "Garden, orchard." ..

Caroline (Old German) "Free man." ..

Dalila (Swahili, Tanzanian) "Delicate, gentle."

Delilah (Hebrew) "Languishing, lovelorn, seductive."
[Lila, Lilah]

Eileen One of two anglicized forms of the Irish Gaelic name spelt Eibhlín (see Eibhlin), Eilín, or Aibhlín (see Aibhlin) ..
[Lianna, Lina]

Eleanor (Old French, Old German) "Other, foreign." ..

Eliana (Hebrew) "My God has answered." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Li- names: Linda, Lina, Liana, Lissa, Lida, Lissie, Lindy, Lila, Lilah

Liana, Lida, Lila, Lina, Linda, Lindy, Lisandra, Lissa and Lita are commonly used names, while the other Li- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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