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Ma- names beginning or starting with Ma- for females. Names that start with Ma- are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of Ma- names for boys. These girl names reached the height of their popularity in 1930-1939 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Maude, Marion, Mamie, May and Marlene becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy baby names in this list are Maci (#263), Maryam (#597), Maisie (#658), Mabel (#669) and Mae (#682), with Mabel and Mae enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Aisha - Amanda

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[Maisha, .. 61 more] Var. of Aisha 1 Based on Arabic. "Alive and well." The variation Maisha is more common as a birth name for girls among the different forms of the name. See also Myisha.

[Maelle, .. 15 more] Var. of Almeda 2 From Latin word. "Ambitious." The variation Maelle is unusual as a female name. See also Marelle.

[Mab, Mabel, .. 3 more] Var. of Amabel 3 Source fr. Latin element. "Lovable, amiable." The form Mabel is a commonly occurring (Top 6%) first name, while Mab is uncommonly used in comparison, and Mabel appears commonly (Top 63%) as a last name in the US Census.

[Malfie, .. 1 more] Var. of Amalfi 4 Place name: Italian town and part of coastline overlooking the Gulf of Salerno. A seldom-used birth name. See also Malkie.

[Manda, Mandaline, Mandee, Mandi, Mandie, Mando, Mandy, .. 8 more] Var. of Amanda 5 Source fr. Latin language. "Fit to be loved, lovable." The variations Mandy, Mandie, Mandi and Manda are more commonly used as names for newborns among the different variant forms of the name. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ma- names: Mabel, Manda, Mandi, Mandy

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Summary of all names grouped by variations for Ma- names for girls.

[Aisha - Amanda]
Aisha [Maisha], Almeda [Maelle], Amabel [Mabel], Amalfi [Malfie], Amanda [Mandy, ..]

[Amara - Macaria]
Amara [Marra], Amelia [Malika, ..], Clare [Mariclare], Damaris [Maris, ..], Esmeralda [Marilda], Estelle [Marianela], Isabel [Marisabel], Mab [Mavis], Mabel [Mayble, ..], Macaria [Makarria, ..]

[Machiko - Madonna]
Machiko, Mackenna [Mackendra], Mackenzie [Makenzie, ..], Macon, Macy [Maicy, ..], Madeline [Maude, ..], Madeira [Madira], Madge, Madison [Madyson, ..], Madonna [Madona]

[Madra - Magdalena]
Madra, Maeja, Maeko, Maemi, Maery, Maeve [Mave], Mafalda [Maffalda], Magali [Maggali, ..], Magda, Magdalena [Magdeline, ..]

[Maggie - Maira]
Maggie [Maguy, ..], Magnilda [Magnhilde], Magnolia [Maggy], Mahala, Mahalia [Mahelia, ..], Mahina, Mai [Maj], Maia [Mayah, ..], Maida [Maydey, ..], Maira

[Mairin - Malia]
Mairin [Marin], Maisie [Mazie, ..], Maiya [Maiyah], Majesta [Majesty], Majida [Majidah], Makara, Makena [Makenna], Malana, Malcolmina [Malcolmeena], Malia [Maleia, ..]

[Malina - Mandoline]
Malina, Malka [Malkie, ..], Mallorca [Majorca], Mallory [Malory, ..], Malva, Malvina [Mavina, ..], Mamie [Mayme, ..], Manda [Mandy, ..], Mandisa, Mandoline [Mandolynne, ..]

[Mandy - Marcia]
Mandy [Mandie, ..], Manika, Manon, Mansi, Manuela [Manuelita], Mara [Marra, ..], Maravilla [Marivella, ..], Marcella [Marsiella, ..], Marcene [Marcina, ..], Marcia [Martia, ..]

[Marcy - Maria]
Marcy [Marsey, ..], Mare [Maire], Marelda [Marrelda], Marell, Margaret [Marquetta, ..], Margery [Marjy, ..], Margo [Margot, ..], Marguerite [Margurite, ..], Mari [Marycruz, ..], Maria [Mayria, ..]

[Marian - Mariko]
Marian [Maryanne, ..], Marianne [Maryanna, ..], Maribel [Marybelle, ..], Marie [Maree], Mariel [Marilla, ..], Maricela [Marisela, ..], Marietta [Maryetta, ..], Marigold [Marrigold], Marika [Maryka, ..], Mariko

[Marilla - Marisela]
Marilla [Marilis], Marilyn [Marylynn, ..], Marin [Marrin], Marina [Maryn, ..], Marion [Maryonn, ..], Mariposa [Marriposa], Maris [Maryse, ..], Marisa [Marysia, ..], Marise, Marisela [Maryzela, ..]

[Marissa - Marlee]
Marissa [Maryssa, ..], Maristela, Marjan [Marjon], Marjo, Marjolaine, Marjorie [Marjy, ..], Marketa [Marqueta, ..], Markeisha [Markisha, ..], Marla [Marlys], Marlee [Marlie, ..]

[Marlen - Marsala]
Marlen [Marlynn, ..], Marlene [Marna, ..], Marlin [Marrlin, ..], Marlisa [Marlyssa, ..], Marlise [Marlis], Marlo [Marlowe, ..], Marmara [Marnya, ..], Marni [Marnya, ..], Marquise [Marquisha, ..], Marsala [Marsalla]

[Marseilles - Maryweld]
Marseilles, Marsha [Martia, ..], Martha [Mattie, ..], Martina [Marty, ..], Martinique, Marvell [Marvelyn, ..], Marvina [Marvadene], Mary [Mayria, ..], Maryann [Maryanne], Maryweld

[Masada - Maura]
Masada, Mason [Maysen], Massima [Maxima], Matana, Matilda [Maudie, ..], Matriona [Matryna, ..], Matsuko, Mattea [Mattia, ..], Maud [Maudie], Maura

[Maureen - Maysa]
Maureen [Mavra, ..], Mauve [Malva], Mavis, Maxine [Maxy, ..], Maxwelle, May [Maylene, ..], Maya [Maiya], Mayda [Mayde], Mayra [Mairi, ..], Maysa

[Mazarine - Melina]
Mazarine [Mazine], Mazhira, Mckenna [Mackenna], Medea [Madora], Megan [Maygan], Mehitabel [Mahitable], Melanie [Malanie], Melantha [Mallantha], Melba [Malva], Melina [Mallina]

[Melinda - Mesa]
Melinda [Mandy, ..], Melisande [Malyssandre, ..], Melisha [Malitia, ..], Melissa [Mallissa], Melita [Malitta], Melva [Malvina], Merona [Maroona], Merry [Marylee, ..], Meryl [Maryl], Mesa [Maysa]

[Messina - Salamasina]
Messina [Massina], Michaela [Mahalya, ..], Michelle [Mashelle], Migdalia [Magdala], Miranda [Maranda], Mireya [Maraya], Miriam [Maryam, ..], Myra [Maira], Salamasina [Masina]