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[Mara, Marra, .. 6 more] Var. of Amara 6 From Latin language. "Everlasting." Marra (cmp. Carra, Jarra) is a common surname with the -arra ending.

[Mali, Malia, Malika, .. 44 more] Forms of Amelia 7 Source fr. Latin, Old German words. "Rival, eager work." Malia was a Top birth name in 2014. ..

[Mariclare] Var. of Clare 8 Derivative of Latin language. "Bright, famous." Mariclare was not a Top birth name in 2014. ..

[Mara, Mari, Maris, .. 16 more] Forms of Damaris 9 Derived fr. Greek, Latin languages. "Calf; to tame; gentle." Mari and forms grew in popularity in the 1950s and are less popular today, with Mari becoming less stylish.

[Marilda, .. 20 more] Var. of Esmeralda 10 Based on Spanish. "Emerald." Unconventional. Compare Marilda, and popular last names Balda, Mcdilda, which also end with -lda. See also Marilla. ..

[Marianela, .. 12 more] Form of Estelle 11 Based on Old French, Latin. "Star." Marianela is uncommon as a girls' name. See also Marinell. ..

[Marisabel, .. 42 more] Form of Isabel 12 Root fr. Hebrew element. "God is my oath." Unique. Marisabel is not listed in the US Demographics. ..

Mab [Mave, Mavis, .. 1 more] 13 Derivative of Irish, Gaelic, Welsh. "Joy, hilarity; baby." Not in Top 1000.

Mabel [Mab, Mabelle, Mable, Maible, Maybell, Maybel, Maybelle, Mayble, .. 5 more] 14 Source fr. English, Latin elements. "Lovable." Popular last names, like last names Zabel, Isabel, with the -abel ending. ..

Macaria [Macarisa, Macarria, Maccaria, Makaria, Makarria] 15 Origin fr. Spanish, Greek words. "Blessed." Unusual. Macaria (cmp. Ilaria, Annmaria) ends with the familiar feminine-sounding -aria.

Machiko 16 Stems fr. Japanese language. "Child who learns truth; beautiful child." Outside Top 1000.

Mackenna [Mackendra, .. 1 more] 17 Root fr. Irish, Gaelic. Variant of Mckenna .. Mackenna and Mackendra are rare as children's names.

Mackenzie [Mackenzey, Makensie, Makenzie, .. 1 more] 18 Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Fire-born; son of the wise ruler." Listed in Top 1000. ..

Macon 19 .. a town in France, and later .. Macon was not a Top birth name in 2014. Unisex name.

Macy [Macee, Macey, Maci, Macie, Maicy, Maicey] 20 Root fr. Old French language. "Weapon." Maci, Macie (+18) and Macy are trendy forms undergoing rebound. ..

Madeline [Mada, Madalaina, Madaleine, Madalena, Madalyn, Madalene, Madalynn, Maddelena, Maddie, Madel, Maddy, Madelaine, Madelayne, Madeleine, Madelene, Madelena, Madelina, Madella, Madelle, Madelyn, Madelon, Madelyne, Madelynn, Madelynne, Madge, Madena, Madilyn, Madina, Madlen, Madlyn, Madlin, Mady, Madzia, Magda, Magdalen, Magdala, Magdalena, Magdalene, Magdalina, Magdalini, Magdaline, Magdeleine, Magdelina, Magdolna, Maighdlin, Maidel, Mala, Malena, Malina, Marleen, Marleah, Marlen, Marlena, Marlene, Marlyne, Marline, Maud, Maude, .. 5 more] 21 Based on Hebrew. "Woman from Magdala." Madge, Magdalen, Magdalena, Magdalene, Marlena, Marlene, Maud and Maude have diminished in favor as baby names since the 1880s. ..

Madeira [Madera, Madira] 22 .. a group of volcanic islands in .. Rare. Madeira, like Delmira, Omeira, ends with the popular feminine -ira.

Madge 23 Short form of Margaret (Greek) "pearl". Usage of Madge as a children's name has faded since the 1890s. See also Marge.

Madison [Maddison, Madisen, Madisson, Madisyn, Madyson] 24 Root fr. Old English word. "Son of the mighty warrior." Usage of Madisyn and variants intensified in 2000 and is lower today, with Madisen and Madyson becoming less stylish. ..

Madonna [Madona] 25 Origin fr. Italian element. "My lady." Madonna is conventional (Upper 27%) as a feminine name, whereas Madona is rarely used. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ma- names: Mabel, Mabelle, Mable, Macey, Maci, Macie, Mackenzie, Macy, Madalyn, Madalynn

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ma- names: Maddison, Madeleine, Madeline, Madelyn, Madelynn, Madge, Madilyn, Madisen, Madison, Madisyn

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ma- names: Madonna, Madyson, Magdalen, Magdalena, Magdalene, Makenzie, Malia, Mara, Mari, Marlen

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ma- names: Marlena, Marlene, Maud, Maude, Mavis, Maybell, Maybelle

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