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"MAR" names beginning or starting with Mar- for females. Names that start with Mar- are used more often as feminine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "mar", and here for the list of Mar- names for boys. Usage of these girl names reached its peak during the years 1930-1939 (usage of 0.0574%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.0222%, down 61.4%), but with names like Marina, Marisa, Maritza, Marlene and Martha falling out of fashion. The more fashionable baby names in this compilation are Mara (#695), Mariah (#136), Mariam (#568), Marilyn (#405) and Maryam (#597), with Mariah having a rebound in usage.

Amara - Estelle

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[Mara, Marra, .. 6 more] Var. of Amara 1 Origin fr. Latin language. "Everlasting." Marra (cf. Sarra, Karra) is a popular -arra suffix surname.

[Mariclare] Var. of Clare 2 Based on Latin word. "Bright, famous." Mariclare was not among 2014's Top names. ..

[Mara, Mari, Maris, .. 16 more] Forms of Damaris 3 From Greek, Latin elements. "Calf; to tame; gentle." Mara has become increasingly popular as a girls' name since the 1880s.

[Marilda, .. 20 more] Form of Esmeralda 4 Based on Spanish. "Emerald." Unusual as a baby name, but Marilda is comparable to the more popular Marinda. See also Marrelda. ..

[Marianela, .. 12 more] Var. of Estelle 5 Derived fr. Old French, Latin elements. "Star." Unique. Marianela (cf. Angela, Cornela) uses the popular feminine-sounding -ela suffix. See also Marinella. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Mar- names for girls.

Amara - Estelle
Amara [Mara, Marra], Clare [Mariclare], Damaris [Mari, Maris], Esmeralda [Marilda], Estelle [Marianela]

Isabel - Marianne
Isabel [Marisabel], Madeline [Marline, Marlyne, ..], Mairin [Marin], Mara [Mari, Marra, ..], Maravilla [Marivel, Marivella, ..], Marcella [Marshella, Marsiella, ..], Marcene [Marcina, Marceyne, ..], Marcia [Marsia, Martia, ..], Marcy [Marsee, Marsey, ..], Mare, Marelda [Marilda, Marrelda], Marell, Margaret [Markita, Marquetta, ..], Margery [Marjy, Marjory, ..], Margo [Margot, Margeaux], Marguerite [Margurite, Marguerita, ..], Mari [Marita, Marycruz, ..], Maria [Marja, Marya, ..], Marian [Maryann, Maryanne, ..], Marianne [Maryann, Maryanna, ..]

Maribel - Maristela
Maribel [Maribelle, Marybelle, ..], Marie [Maree], Mariel [Marijke, Marilla, ..], Maricela [Marisela, Maricella], Marietta [Mariette, Maryetta, ..], Marigold [Maragold, Marrigold], Marika [Maryk, Maryka, ..], Mariko, Marilla [Marella, Marilis], Marilyn [Marylyn, Marylynn, ..], Marin [Marinn, Marrin], Marina [Maryn, Marnie, ..], Marion [Maryon, Maryonn], Mariposa [Marriposa], Maris [Marys, Maryse, ..], Marisa [Marysa, Marysia, ..], Marise, Marisela [Maryzela, Marisella, ..], Marissa [Maryssa, Marrissa, ..], Maristela

Marjan - Marsha
Marjan [Marjon, Marjanne], Marjo, Marjolaine, Marjorie [Marjy, Marjory, ..], Marketa [Marquita, Marqueta, ..], Markeisha [Markisha, Markiesha], Marla [Marlys, Marlette], Marlee [Marley, Marlie], Marlen [Marlyn, Marlynn, ..], Marlene [Marna, Marlynne, ..], Marlin [Marlyn, Marrlin, ..], Marlisa [Marlyse, Marlyssa, ..], Marlise [Marlis, Marlies], Marlo [Marlow, Marlowe], Marmara [Marnja, Marnya, ..], Marni [Marnja, Marnya, ..], Marquise [Marquisa, Marquisha, ..], Marsala [Marsalla], Marseilles, Marsha [Martia, Marsita]

Martha - Miriam
Martha [Marva, Martyne, ..], Martina [Marty, Martine, ..], Martinique, Marvell [Marvelle, Marvelyn, ..], Marvina [Marva, Marvadene], Mary [Maryse, Marysia, ..], Maryann [Maryanna, Maryanne], Maryweld, Merona [Maroona], Merry [Marylea, Marylee], Meryl [Maryl], Miranda [Maranda], Mireya [Maraya], Miriam [Mariam, Maryam]