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Mi- names beginning or starting with Mi- for women. Names that start with Mi- are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of Mi- names for boys. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity during the years 1970-1979 and have remained as popular to this day, but with names such as Milagros, Micah, Minnie, Minerva and Minta becoming somewhat outmoded. The trendier names for newborns in this compilation are Mila (#72), Millie (#505), Milana (#762), Milena (#798) and Mira (#613), with Millie going through a resurgence in usage.

Adamina - Amica

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[Mina, Minna, .. 7 more] Var. of Adamina 1 From Hebrew word. "Earth." The variations Minna and Mina are more generally used as given names for baby girls among the different versions of the name. ..

[Miesha, .. 61 more] Var. of Aisha 2 Source fr. Arabic element. "Alive and well." Also used as a boys' name. The variation Miesha is a familiar (Top 86%) feminine name.

[Mira, Mirah, .. 23 more] Var. of Almera 3 Origin fr. Arabic element. "Princess." The variant form Mirah is irregularly used as a given name, while Mira is prevalent comparatively, and Mira appears often (Top 35%) as a surname in the US Census. ..

[Millie, Milly, .. 45 more] Var. of Amelia 4 Based on Latin, Old German words. "Rival, eager work." The variations Milly and Millie are more prevalent as girls' names among the various variations of the name. ..

[Mica, .. 3 more] Var. of Amica 5 From Latin word. "Loved friend." The form Mica is more popular as a baby name among the different forms of the name. See also Mike.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Mi- names: Miesha, Millie, Mina, Minna, Mira

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Summary of all names (grouped by variations) for Mi- names for girls.

[Adamina - Amica]
Adamina [Minna], Aisha [Miesha], Almera [Mirah], Amelia [Milly], Amica [Mica]

[Aminta - Jemima]
Aminta [Minty], Amira [Mirah], Camilla [Milly, ..], Carmel [Mina], Carmen [Mina], Dominique [Mika], Elmira [Mirah], Emily [Milly], Ilka [Milka], Jemima [Mimma]

[Kamilla - Micah]
Kamilla [Millie], Malka [Milke, ..], Martha [Mirtha], Mary [Mitzi, ..], Maya [Miya], Melanie [Milena], Melissa [Missy, ..], Meryl [Mirla], Mia [Miah], Micah [Mika]

[Michaela - Milada]
Michaela [Miskaela, ..], Michal [Micole, ..], Michelle [Mishelle, ..], Michiko [Michi], Migdalia [Migdalla], Mignon [Minyonette, ..], Midori, Mika, Miki [Mikko], Milada

[Milagros - Minerva]
Milagros [Miligrosa, ..], Mildred [Milly, ..], Milena [Mileena, ..], Miliana, Miliani, Millicent [Missie, ..], Mimi [Mim], Mina [Minnie, ..], Mindy [Mindie, ..], Minerva

[Minna - Mireya]
Minna [Minny, ..], Minnie [Minnee], Minorca, Minta [Minty], Minuit, Mira [Mirra, ..], Mirabel [Mirabelle, ..], Miranda [Mirranda, ..], Mireio [Mirella, ..], Mireya [Mirella]

[Miriam - Muriel]
Miriam [Miyanna, ..], Miroslava, Mirta [Mitra], Mischa, Misha, Missy [Missie], Misty [Mistie], Mitzi [Mitzy, ..], Miya, Muriel [Miureall]

[Myra - Wilhelmina]
Myra [Mira], Myrna [Mirna], Myrtle [Mirtie], Mystique [Mistique], Wilhelmina [Minny, ..]