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Names starting with Nu-

Page 1/2. 6 Nu- grouped name results beginning or starting with Nu- for females. Here is the list of Nu- names for boys. These names are not commonly used for girls.

Fionnula (Irish, Gaelic) "White shoulder."

Nuala Short form of Fionnula (Irish, Gaelic) "white shoulder" ..
[Nualla, Nula]

Nubia Place name: a region in ancient Africa, in part of what is now Sudan.

Nunzia (Italian) "Messenger." ..

Nura (Arabic, Aramaic) "Light."
[Nur, Nureen, Nurine, Nuru]

Popularity of Nu- baby names

Nubia is a commonly used name, while Nuala, Nualla, Nula, Nunciata, Nunzia, Nur, Nura, Nureen, Nurine and Nuru are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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[Fionnula - Nura]
Fionnula [9], Nuala [4], Nubia, Nunzia [1], Nura [7]

[Nurit - Nurit]


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