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Nu- names beginning or starting with Nu- for women. Here is the list of Nu- names for boys. These names rarely occur as girl names for babies.

Fionnula - Nura

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[Nuala, .. 8 more] Var. of Fionnula 1 Root fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "White shoulder." The variation Nuala is an atypical women's name. See also Noola.

Nuala [Nualla, Nula, .. 2 more] 2 Short form of Fionnula (Irish, Gaelic) "white shoulder" .. The forms Nuala, Nualla and Nula are unusual as feminine names.

Nubia 3 Place name: a region in ancient Africa, in part of what is now Sudan. Nubia is a commonplace (Top 92%) feminine name. See also Novia.

Nunzia [Nunciata] 4 Derivative of Italian element. "Messenger." The versions Nunciata and Nunzia are atypical given names. ..

Nura [Nur, Nureen, Nurine, Nuru, .. 3 more] 5 Root fr. Arabic, Aramaic words. "Light." The variations Nur, Nura, Nureen, Nurine and Nuru are uncommonly used first names.

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[Fionnula - Nura]
Fionnula [Nuala], Nuala [Nula, Nualla], Nubia, Nunzia [Nunciata], Nura [Nur, Nuru, Nurine, Nureen]

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