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Pr- names

"PR" baby names beginning or starting with Pr- are used more often as masculine names.

Usage of these relation of was at its highest in 1990 (usage of 0.0331%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.0105%, 68.2%), but with names like Precious, Princess, Priscilla and Prudence becoming less trendy. Priolo (top 16%) and Prieto (2%) are familiar Pr- last names.

Here is the list of Pr- names for boys.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Pr- names: Precious, Princess, Priscila, Priscilla, Prudence

Prairie 1 Geography name .. Not in Top 1000.

Precious [Precia, Preciosa] 2 Derivative of Latin language. "Of great value, highly esteemed." Not in popularity charts.

Priela [Priella] 3 Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Fruit of God." Not in Top 1000.

Prima [Primalia, Primetta, Primina, Priminia] 4 From Latin language. "First." Prima (upper 71%), like Primas (upper 34%), is a common Pr- prefix last name.

Primavera 5 Stems fr. Italian language. "Spring." Primavera is a rarely used women's name, appearing often (top 15%) as a surname.

Primrose [Primarosa, Primorosa, Primula] 6 Based on Middle English element. "First rose." Primrose, Primarosa, etc. are unusual as baby names.

Princess [Princella, Princesa, Princessa, Princesse, Principessa] 7 Stems fr. English word. A title name. Not in Top 1000.

Priscilla [Pracilla, Precilla, Prescill, Prescilla, Pricilla, Pricila, Pris, Prisca, Priscella, Prisciliana, Priscila, Priscylla, Prisila, Prisilla, Prissy, Prissie, Prysilla, .. 2 more] 8 Origin fr. Latin word. "Ancient, venerable." Pricilla, Priscila and Priscilla are more commonplace as girls' names among these variations.

Provence 9 Place name .. Pervence, Provenpe and Pruvence are kreatif forms.

Prudence [Pru, Prudencia, Prudie, Prudy, Prue] 10 Root fr. Latin word. "Caution, discretion." Uncommon, with the androgynous -nce suffix for Prudence, like Patience.

Prunella [Prunelle] 11 Derived fr. Latin element. "Small plum." Not in popularity charts.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Pr- names for girls.

Prairie - Prunella
Prairie, Precious [Precia, Preciosa], Priela [Priella], Prima [Primina, Primalia, Primetta, Priminia], Primavera, Primrose [Primula, Primarosa, Primorosa], Princess [Princesa, Princella, Princessa, Princesse, Principessa], Priscilla [Prissy, Prisila, Prissie, Priscila, Prisilla, Prysilla, Priscylla, Prisciliana, ..], Provence, Prudence [Pru, Prue, Prudy, Prudie, Prudencia], Prunella [Prunelle]