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Ra- names beginning or starting with Ra- for women. Names that start with Ra- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Ra- names for boys. These girl names were at the height of their popularity in 1980-1989 and have remained as popular to this day, but with names like Rachael, Ramona, Randi, Rachelle and Rae falling out of fashion. The most trendy baby names in this list are Raelynn (#267), Raelyn (#410), Raven (#507), Raegan (#321) and Rayna (#836).

Miranda - Rachel

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[Randa, Randi, Randie, Randy, .. 14 more] Var. of Miranda 1 From Latin element. "Worthy of admiration." The forms Randa (Top 47%), Randi (17%) and Randy (40%) are common as female names, while Randie is rare in comparison. Randa (Top 35%) and Randy (44%) occur frequently as last names according to the US Census.

Rabab [Rabiah] 2 Source fr. Arabic word. "Pale cloud." The versions Rabab and Rabiah are sparsely used feminine names.

Rabiah 3 Origin fr. Arabic word. "Gentle wind." Scarcely used as a baby name. See also Rubia.

Rachana [Rachanna, Rashana, Rashanda, .. 1 more] 4 Source fr. Hindi. "Creation." The versions Rachana, Rachanna, Rashana and Rashanda are sparsely used as feminine names.

Rachel [Rachael, Racheal, Rachelanne, Rachelce, Rachele, Racheli, Rachell, Rachelle, Rachil, Rae, Raechel, Raechell, Rahel, Rahil, Rakel, Raquel, Raquela, Raquella, Raquelle, Ray, Raychel, Raychelle, Rashell, Rashelle, Raychel, .. 5 more] 5 Origin fr. Hebrew. "Ewe, female sheep." The variations Rachael (Top 9%), Racheal (26%), Rachel (2%), Rachele (57%), Rachell (54%), Rachelle (14%), Rae (18%), Raquel (10%) and Ray (32%) are common women's names, while the other names are rare comparatively. Rachel (Top 14%), Rachell (62%), Rae (6%), Rakel (69%), Raquel (77%) and Ray (1%) occur regularly as surnames in the US Census. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ra- names: Randi, Randy, Rachel, Rachael, Racheal, Rachelle, Rae, Raquel, Ray

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[Miranda - Rachel]
Miranda [Randy, ..], Rabab [Rabiah], Rabiah, Rachana [Rashanda, ..], Rachel [Raychel, ..]

[Radha - Raja]
Radha, Radmilla [Radmila, ..], Rae [Rayona, ..], Rafa [Rafah], Rafaela, Ragnild [Ranillda, ..], Raina [Raynetta, ..], Rainbow [Rain], Raisa [Rayzel, ..], Raja

[Rajani - Rani]
Rajani [Rajanee], Raleigh [Rawley, ..], Ralphina [Ralphine], Rama [Ramah], Ramona [Ramowna, ..], Ramsay [Ramsey], Rana, Ranae [Ranisha, ..], Randi [Randie, ..], Rani [Raynell, ..]

[Ranielle - Razia]
Ranielle, Ranita [Ranitta, ..], Raoule [Raula], Raphaela [Raphella, ..], Raquel [Raquelle, ..], Rashida [Rashyda, ..], Raven [Ravyn, ..], Ravenna [Ravinna, ..], Rawnie, Razia

[Raziah - Roanna]
Raziah [Razili, ..], Ray [Raylene, ..], Raya, Rayann [Raynisha, ..], Rayna [Raynee, ..], Regan [Ragan], Regina [Raine], Renata [Ranay], Renee [Ranee, ..], Roanna [Ranna]

[Rose - Veronica]
Rose [Rasya, ..], Roseanne [Ranna], Veronica [Ranna]