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Names starting with Ro-

Page 1/3. 49 Ro- name results beginning or starting with Ro- for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Ro- names for boys.

Aurora (Latin) "Dawn." ..
[Rora, Rory]

Caroline (Old German) "Free man." ..

Rachana (Hindi) "Creation."

Ramona (Spanish, Old German) "Protecting hands." ..
[Romona, Romonda, Romonde, Romonia]

Raquel (Spanish, Portuguese) Variant of Rachel.

Rhoda (Greek, Latin) "Rose; from Rhodes." ..
[Roda, Rodi, Rodie, Rodina]

Rhona Feminine of Ronald or an anglicized version of the German Raghnaid "battle gods" ..

Rhonda (Welsh) "Good lance." ..
[Ronda, Rondel, Rondelle, Rondi, Ronnda]

Roanna Variant of Rosanne.
[Roanne, Ronni, Ronnie, Ronny]

Roberta (Old English, Old German) "Bright fame." ..
[Roba, Robbee, Robbey, Robbi, Robbie, Robby, Robeena, Robella, Robelle, Robena, Robenia, Roberda, Robernetta, Robertena, Robertene, Robertha, Robertina, Robertine, Roberto, Robetta, Robette, Robettina, Robi, Robin, Robina, Robinett, Robinette, Robinia, Robyn, Robyna, Robynna]

Robin (English) Nickname for boys named Robert (Old English, Old German) "bright fame" ..
[Robee, Robbey, Robbi, Robbie, Robbin, Robby, Robena, Robene, Robenia, Robi, Robina, Robine, Robinet, Robinett, Robinette, Robinia, Robyn, Robyna, Robynette, Robynn, Robynne]

Rochelle (French, Old German) "Little rock; rest." ..
[Roch, Rochele, Rochell, Rochella, Rochette, Roschella, Roschelle, Roshelle]

Rocio (Spanish) "Dew." ..

Roderica (Old German) "Famous ruler." ..
[Roddie, Rodericka, Roderiga, Roderika, Roderqua, Roderique, Roderiga]

Rohana (Hindi, Sanskrit) "Sandalwood."

Rolanda (Latin) "Renowned in the land." ..

Roline Short form of Caroline, from Charles (Old German) "free man" ..
[Roelene, Roeline, Rolene, Rollene, Rolleen, Rollina, Rolline, Rolyne]

Roma (Italian) Place name: the capital city, Rome ..
[Romalda, Romana, Romelia, Romelle, Romilda, Romina, Romma]

Romaine (French) "Citizen of Rome." ..
[Romane, Romayne, Romeine, Romene]

Romea Feminine of Romeo (Italian, Latin) "citizen of Rome".

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ro- names: Rory, Romona, Ronda, Ronnie, Roberta, Robbie, Robin, Robyn, Robbin, Rochelle

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ro- names: Rocio, Rolanda, Roma, Romaine

Robbi, Robbie, Robbin, Robena, Roberta, Roberto, Robin, Robyn, Rochell, Rochelle, Rocio, Rolanda, Rolande, Roma, Romaine, Romana, Romelia, Romona, Ronda, Ronni, Ronnie and Rory are commonly used names, while the other Ro- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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