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Names starting with Sa-

Page 1/5. 85 Sa- name results beginning or starting with Sa- for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Sa- names for boys.

Alexandra (Greek) "Man's defender." ..
[Sanda, Sande, Sandee, Sandi, Sandie, Sandra, Sandrina, Sandrine, Sandy, Sandye, Sanndra, Sannie, Sasha, Sashenka]

Cassandra (Greek) "Shining upon man." ..
[Sande, Sandee, Sandera, Sandi, Sandie, Sandra, Sandy, Saundra]

Cecilia (Latin, Old Welsh) "Blind; sixth." ..
[Sacilia, Sasilia, Sasilie]

Celena (Greek) "The moon." ..
[Saleena, Salena, Salina]

Celeste (Latin) "Heavenly." ..
[Saleste, Salestia]

Celina (Latin, Greek) "Heaven; the moon." ..
[Salinda, Salinde]

Cerelia (Latin) "Relating to springtime."
[Sarelia, Sarilia]

Cerise (English, French) "Cherry." ..

Cilicia Biblical: a province mentioned in both Old and New Testaments ..

Folasade (Yoruban, African) "Honor confers a crown."

Isabel (Hebrew) "God is my oath." ..
[Sabella, Sabelle]

Saba (Greek, Arabic) "From Sheba; morning."

Sabelle (Latin) Short form of Isabel.

Sabetha (English) Place name: town in the state of Kansas.

Sabina (Latin) "Sabine."
[Sabine, Sabinna, Sabiny, Sabyna, Sahbina, Savina, Savine]

Sable (Slavic) "Black."

Sabra Possibly (Hebrew) "cactus" or "to rest" ..
[Sabrah, Sabrette]

Sabrina (Celtic) Mythology: the name of a Celtic maiden in a Welsh tale ..
[Sabreen, Sabreena, Sabrena, Sabrene, Sabrinna, Sabryna]

Sachi (Japanese) "Child of joy."

Sade (Yoruban, African) "Honor confers a crown." ..
[Sada, Sadia, Sadina]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Sa- names: Sandi, Sandra, Sandy, Sasha, Saundra, Salena, Salina, Sade, Sabina, Sabra

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Sa- names: Sabrina, Sada

Sabina, Sabine, Sabra, Sabrina, Sachiko, Sade, Salena, Salina, Sanda, Sandee, Sandi, Sandie, Sandra, Sandy, Sasha and Saundra are commonly used names, while the other Sa- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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