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Sa- names beginning or starting with Sa- for females. Here is the list of Sa- names for boys. Usage of these girl names reached its highest in 2003 and it has remained as widespread to this day, but with names like Sasha, Sandra, Sabrina, Savanah and Salma becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy baby names in this list are Saige (#604), Sadie (#46), Sage (#388), Savannah (#39) and Samantha (#33), with Sadie, Savannah and Samantha having a resurgence in popularity.

Alexandra - Celeste

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[Sanda, Sande, Sandee, Sandi, Sandie, Sandra, Sandrina, Sandrine, Sandy, Sandye, Sanndra, Sannie, Sasha, Sashenka, .. 97 more] Var. of Alexandra 1 Based on Greek element. "Man's defender." Usage of Sasha, Sandy, Sandra and Sandi as baby names has faded over time. ..

[Sande, Sandee, Sandera, Sandi, Sandie, Sandra, Sandy, Saundra, .. 40 more] Var. of Cassandra 2 Origin fr. Greek. "Shining upon man." The variations Sandee (Top 83%), Sandi (27%), Sandie (73%), Sandra (1%), Sandy (8%) and Saundra (18%) are common as given names, while the other names are rare comparatively. Sande (Top 19%), Sandi (68%), Sandra (33%) and Sandy (6%) appear often as surnames according to the US Census. ..

[Sacilia, Sasilia, Sasilie, .. 86 more] Var. of Cecilia 3 Based on Latin, Old Welsh elements. "Blind; sixth." The forms Sacilia, Sasilia and Sasilie are rarely occurring as women's names. ..

[Saleena, Salena, Salina, .. 8 more] Var. of Celena 4 From Greek element. "The moon." The forms Salena (Top 58%) and Salina (39%) are common as feminine names, while Saleena is rare comparatively, Salina appearing commonly (Top 61%) as a last name in the US Census. ..

[Saleste, Salestia, .. 44 more] Var. of Celeste 5 Based on Latin element. "Heavenly." The forms Saleste and Salestia are rarely occurring as women's names. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Sa- names: Salena, Salina, Sandi, Sandra, Sandy, Sasha, Saundra

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Summary of all names grouped by variations for Sa- names for girls.

[Alexandra - Celeste]
Alexandra [Sashenka, ..], Cassandra [Saundra, ..], Cecilia [Sasilie, ..], Celena [Salina, ..], Celeste [Salestia]

[Celina - Sabina]
Celina [Salinde], Cerelia [Sarilia], Cerise [Sarese], Cilicia [Salicia], Folasade [Sade], Isabel [Sabelle], Saba [Sabah], Sabelle [Sabella], Sabetha, Sabina [Savine, ..]

[Sable - Sagara]
Sable, Sabra [Sabrette], Sabrina [Sabryna, ..], Sachi [Sachiko], Sade [Sadina, ..], Sadie [Saydie, ..], Sadira, Saffron [Saphron, ..], Safiyah [Safiya], Sagara

[Sage - Salimah]
Sage [Sayge], Sahara [Sahra, ..], Saida [Sayda], Saisha [Saesha], Sakura, Salama [Saloma, ..], Salamanca, Salamasina, Salena [Salina], Salimah [Salima]

[Sally - Samira]
Sally [Sallyann, ..], Salome [Salomi, ..], Salvadora, Salvia [Salvina], Samala [Sammala], Samantha [Sammie, ..], Samara [Sammara], Samaria [Samarie], Sami [Sammijo, ..], Samira [Samirah]

[Samuela - Santuzza]
Samuela [Samuelle, ..], Samya [Samia], Sana, Sancia [Sanzia, ..], Sandra [Saundra, ..], Sandy [Sanndi, ..], Sanna [Sana], Sanny [San], Santana [Santa], Santuzza

[Saoirse - Satin]
Saoirse, Sapphire [Sapphira, ..], Sarah [Sasa, ..], Sardinia [Sardegna], Sariah, Sarina [Sarita, ..], Sasa, Sasha [Sasheen, ..], Saskia, Satin [Satina]

[Sato - Seraphina]
Sato, Savannah [Savonne, ..], Sedona [Sadona], Selena [Salena, ..], Selina [Salina], Selima [Saleemah], Selma [Salma], Semele [Samelle], Sequoia [Saquoya, ..], Seraphina [Sarafina]

[Serena - Susannah]
Serena [Saryna], Serilda [Sarilda], Sheba [Sabah], Sibyl [Sabylla], Sondra [Saundra], Sophia [Saffi], Sophronia [Saphronia], Susan [Sanna], Susanna [Sanna], Susannah [Sannah]