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Sha- names

"SHA" baby names beginning or starting with Sha- are used more often as feminine names.

These girl names were at the top of their popularity during the years 1980-1989 (usage of 0.0278%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.0011%, 96% less), but with names like Shania, Shannon, Sharon, Shayla and Shaylee falling out of style. Shaft (top 31%) and Shatto (11%) are conventional Sha- last names.

Here is the list of Sha- names for boys.

pinAshanti - Sarah

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Sha- names: Shanda, Shanell, Shanelle, Shantel, Shantell

[Shantee, Shanti, Shauntae, Shauntee, .. 11 more] Forms of Ashanti 1 Stems fr. Ghanaian. .. Today, names associated with the empire .. Shanteesi, Shatee and Sishantee are kreatif variations.

[Sharleen, Sharlene, Sharline, Sharmain, Sharmain, .. 87 more] Var. of Carol 2 From Old German. "Free man." Uncommon. Sharlene (cf. Sherelene) ends with the feminine -lene. ..

[Sharla, Sharkeen, Sharlena, Sharlene, Sharline, Sharlyne, .. 98 more] Var. of Caroline 3 Derivative of Old German. "Free man." Not in popularity charts. ..

[Sha-, .. 20 more] Form of Cha- 4 Origin fr. American word. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Outside Top 1000. See also Shay.

[Shandelle, Shantelle, .. 2 more] Forms of Chandelle 5 Origin fr. French word. "Candle." Not in Top 1000.

[Shanel, Shanell, Shanelle, Shannel, Shannelle, .. 8 more] Var. of Chanel 6 Derived fr. Old French element. "Pipe." Not Top 1000 names.

[Shanda, Shantal, Shantae, Shantalle, Shantay, Shantell, Shantel, Shantelle, Shaunda, Shaunta, Shauntell, Shawnta, Shawnda, Shawntile, Shawntille, .. 58 more] Var. of Chantal 7 Source fr. Old French element. "Stone." Unusual, with the unconventional androgynous -al suffix for Shantal like Shiral.

[Sharitee, Sharitey, Sharity, Sharitye, .. 23 more] Forms of Charity 8 From Latin element. "Dear, beloved." Uncommon. Sharitey, like Stepheney, ends with the common -ey. ..

[Sharlene, .. 7 more] Form of Charla 9 Source fr. Old German language. "Free man." Uncommon. Sharlene, like Sherrylene, ends with -ene. See also Sharlee. ..

[Shalene, Sharlene, .. 19 more] Forms of Charlene 10 Derivative of Old German language. "Free man." Unusual, with the feminine-sounding -ene ending for Shalene, Sharlene like Sherlene. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Sha- names: Shara, Shari, Sharla, Sharlene

[Sharlene, Sharlie, .. 7 more] Var. of Charlie 11 Stems fr. Old German language. "Free man." Unusual, with the -ne ending for Sharlene like Sharronne. ..

[Sharel, Sharil, Sharla, Sharlaine, Sharleen, Sharlet, Sharlene, Sharlett, Sharlette, Sharlott, Sharlotta, Sharline, Sharlotte, Sharlot, Sharlotte, Sharmain, Sharmayne, Sharmion, Sharmian, Sharyl, .. 79 more] Forms of Charlotte 12 Root fr. Old German language. "Free man." Outside Top 1000. ..

[Sharmain, Sharmaine, Sharman, Sharmane, Sharmayne, Sharmion, Sharmian, Sharmyn, .. 19 more] Forms of Charmaine 13 Root fr. English word. "Charm." Outside Top 1000. ..

[Sharmian, Sharmiane, Sharmyan, Sharmyane, .. 4 more] Var. of Charmian 14 From Greek element. "Delight." Unusual, with the androgynous-sounding -an suffix for Sharmian, Sharmyan like Sherrydan. ..

[Sharay, Shary, .. 27 more] Forms of Cherie 15 Based on French language. "Dear, darling." Outside Top 1000. ..

[Sharalin, Sharalyn, Sharelyn, Sharelynne, Sharilynn, .. 35 more] Var. of Cherilyn 16 Origin fr. French word. "Dear." Unique. Sharalyn, Sharelyn (cf. Sharolyn) ends with the common -lyn. ..

[Shareese, Sharice, Sharyse, .. 29 more] Var. of Cherise 17 Derived fr. Old French language. "Cherry." Unusual, with the favored androgynous -se ending for Shareese, Sharyse like Shanise. ..

[Sharell, Sharil, Sharrell, Sharyl, Sharyll, .. 45 more] Forms of Cheryl 18 Derived fr. French, Greek elements. "Cherry fruit; green gemstone." Outside Top 1000. ..

[Shayan, Shayanne, .. 9 more] Var. of Cheyenne 19 Root fr. Native American Indian element. "Unintelligible speakers." Not in Top 1000.

[Shara, Shari, .. 64 more] Forms of Sarah 20 Derived fr. Hebrew element. "Princess." Rare. Shara, like Shamara, ends with the feminine -ara. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Sha- names for girls.

Ashanti - Sarah
Ashanti [Shanti, Shantee, Shauntae, Shauntee], Carol [Sharlene, Sharline, Sharmain], Caroline [Sharlena, Sharlene, Sharline, Sharlyne, ..], Cha- [Sha-], Chandelle [Shandelle, Shantelle], Chanel [Shanell, Shannel, Shanelle, Shannelle], Chantal [Shawnda, Shawnta, Shawntile, Shawntille, ..], Charity [Sharity, Sharitee, Sharitey, Sharitye], Charla [Sharlene], Charlene [Shalene, Sharlene], Charlie [Sharlie, Sharlene], Charlotte [Sharyl, Sharmian, Sharmion, Sharmayne, ..], Charmaine [Sharmyn, Sharmian, Sharmion, Sharmayne, ..], Charmian [Sharmian, Sharmyan, Sharmyane, Sharmiane], Cherie [Shary, Sharay], Cherilyn [Sharalyn, Sharelyn, Sharilynn, Sharelynne], Cherise [Sharyse, Sharice, Shareese], Cheryl [Sharil, Sharyl, Sharyll, Sharrell], Cheyenne [Shayan, Shayanne], Sarah [Shara, Shari]

Sha- - Shaneika
Sha- [Shawna, Sharon, Sharita, Sharise, ..], Shadiya [Shade, Shadi, Shadia, Shadya], Shadow [Shadoe], Shahnaz, Shaila [Shaili, Shalee], Shaina [Shani, Shanie, Shayna, Shayne, ..], Shakeela [Shakeel, Shakila], Shakira, Shalimar [Shalamar, Shalemar, Shallimar], Shalini [Shalena, Shalene, Shalina, Shaleena], Shalisa [Shalise, Shalishah], Shalom [Shalva, Shalome, Shalvah], Shamira [Shamirah, Shameera], Shan- [Shanti, Shantel, Shantoya, Shauntrice, ..], Shan [Shayne, Shante, Shanita, Shaniqua, ..], Shana [Shandi, Shania, Shanna, Shannah, ..], Shanae [Shanay, Shanea, Shannea], Shandra, Shandy [Shandee, Shandey, Shandie, Shandeigh], Shaneika [Shantey, Shanteigh, Shantelle, Shantella, ..]

Shanelle - Shawna
Shanelle [Shanita, Shannel, Shanisse, Shannell, ..], Shani [Shanit], Shania [Shanea], Shanice [Shanese, Shanise, Shannice, Shaniece], Shannon [Shanon, Shannen, Shannyn, Shannin, ..], Shantelle [Shante, Shantel, Shantell, Shantella, ..], Shanti [Shante, Shantai, Shantay, Shantee, ..], Sharde [Shardae, Shardai, Sharday, Shardei], Shari [Shara, Sharae, Sharee, Sharelle], Sharifa [Shareefa], Sharik [Sharika], Sharise [Sharice, Sharisa, Sharissa], Sharlene [Sharly, Sharlyn, Sharlyne, Sharlynne, ..], Sharmaine [Sharmayne], Sharmila, Sharon [Sharyn, Sharron, Sharrin, Sharronne, ..], Shashi, Shasta [Shahsta, Shastah, Shastina], Shavonne [Shavon, Shavona, Shavonda, Shavonna], Shawna [Shawnte, Shawntae, Shawntay, Shawntel, ..]

Shawnacy - Susannah
Shawnacy [Shawnessy, Shaughnessy], Shawnee [Shawney, Shawnie], Shaya [Shayana], Shayla [Shaylyn, Shaylene, Shaylynn, Shaylynne, ..], Shayna [Shana, Shaina, Shaynah], Shayne, Shea [Shaye, Shayla, Shaylee, Shaylyn, ..], Sheherezade [Sharizad, Sharazad, Shahrazad], Sheila [Shaylla, Shaylah, Shaylagh], Sherry [Shari, Sharee, Sharie, Sharrie], Sheryl [Sharell, Sharelle, Sharrell], Shoshana [Shana, Shannah], Siobhan [Shavon, Shavaun, Shavonne], Susannah [Shanna]