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"SHY" names beginning or starting with Shy- for women. Names that start with Shy- are used more often as feminine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "shy". Adoption of these girl names was at its peak in 1999 (usage of 0.0644%) and is now less, with names such as Shyann, Shyanne and Shyla becoming less fashionable.

Chanel - Siobhan

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[Shynelle, .. 12 more] Form of Chanel 1 Based on Old French. "Pipe." Rather unusual as a girls' name. See also Shanella.

[Shyril, Shyrill, .. 48 more] Var. of Cheryl 2 Derived fr. French, Greek languages. "Cherry fruit; green gemstone." Rare. Shyril, like Dail, Amil, uses the familiar androgynous-sounding -il ending. ..

[Shyann, Shyanne, .. 9 more] Var. of Cheyenne 3 From Native American Indian element. "Unintelligible speakers." Shyann and Shyanne have trended downward in popularity as girls' names circa 1997.

[Shynelle, .. 14 more] Var. of Shanelle 4 Source fr. American word. Modern phonetic spelling of Chanel, the .. Unusual. Shynelle is not listed in the US Census. See also Shaunelle.

[Shyvon, Shyvonne, .. 8 more] Var. of Shavonne 5 Stems fr. American, Hebrew. "God is gracious." Outside Top 1000. ..

[Shyla, .. 25 more] Form of Sheila 6 Root fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Blind." Shyla is a familiar (top 78%) feminine name. See also Seula. ..

[Shyra, .. 6 more] Form of Shera 7 Root fr. Aramaic language. "Brightness." Uncommon, but Shyra is comparable to common surnames Sapra (top 78%), Saura (76%), which also end with -ra. See also Syria. ..

[Shylo, Shyloh, .. 1 more] Forms of Shiloh 8 Derived fr. Hebrew word. "His gift." Not Top 1000 names.

Shyanne [Shyanna, .. 1 more] 9 Source fr. Native American Indian element. "Unintelligible speakers." Popular. Compare Shyanne and common surnames Cayenne (top 80%), Rynne (41%), which also end with -nne. ..

Shyla [Shylah] 10 Based on Hindi word. "Daughter of the mountain." Common, and Shyla is comparable to popular last names Bhula (upper 95%), Skula (87%), which also end with -la.

[Shyvonne, .. 19 more] Form of Siobhan 11 Source fr. Irish, Hebrew elements. "God is gracious." Not in popularity charts. See also Shavonna. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Shy- names for girls.

Chanel - Siobhan
Chanel [Shynelle], Cheryl [Shyrill], Cheyenne [Shyanne], Shanelle [Shynelle], Shavonne [Shyvonne], Sheila [Shyla], Shera [Shyra], Shiloh [Shyloh], Shyanne [Shyanna], Shyla [Shylah], Siobhan [Shyvonne]