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Ciara - Sian

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[Siara, .. 21 more] Var. of Ciara 1 Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Black." Seldom used as a name for kids. See also Siri. ..

[Siana, Sianna, .. 34 more] Var. of Shawna 2 Source fr. English element. Feminine variant of Sean (Irish, Gaelic) "God's grace" .. The forms Siana and Sianna are uncommonly used as female names.

Sian [Siana, Sianna] 3 From Welsh word. Variant of Jane (Hebrew) "God's grace" .. The variations Sian, Siana and Sianna are scarcely used as female names.

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[Ciara - Sian]
Ciara [Siara], Shawna [Siana, Sianna], Sian [Siana, Sianna]