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Th- names

"TH" baby names beginning or starting with Th- are used more often as masculine names.

Adoption of these girl names was at its apex during the years 1920-1929 (adoption of 0.05%) and is almost as widespread today (adoption 0.01%, 87%), but with names like Theresa, Therese, Thora, Theodosia and Theo falling out of style. Thea (#776) is the most fashionable girl name in this compilation, and there is a rekindling in baby name popularity for this name. Theis (top 3%) and Thiel (2%) are conventional Th- last names.

Here is the list of Th- names for boys.

pinAlthea - Theophania

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Th- names: Thalia, Thea, Theda, Thekla, Thelma

[Thea, .. 8 more] Var. of Althea 1 Stems fr. Greek. "Healing herb." Ranked in Top 1000. See also Rhea. ..

[Thia, .. 8 more] Var. of Anthea 2 From Greek. "Flowery." Thathia, Thiatha and Thiatheo are kreatif variations. ..

[Thea, .. 39 more] Form of Dorothy 3 Source fr. Greek. "Gift of God." Common. Compare Thea and popular last name Then (top 11%), with the The- prefix. See also Tia. ..

[Thamar, Thamara, Thamarra, Thamera, .. 14 more] Var. of Tamara 4 Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Date palm." Uncommon, with the -ara ending for Thamara, like Tara. ..

[Thandee, Thandey, Thandie, Thandy, .. 2 more] Var. of Tandy 5 Possibly a nickname for Andrew (Greek) .. Unique. Thandee and variants are not listed in the US Demographics.

[Thecla, Thekla, .. 5 more] Forms of Tecla 6 From Greek language. "God's glory." Not in Top 1000. ..

[Therena, .. 16 more] Form of Terena 7 Origin fr. Latin element. Unique, with the unconventional feminine-sounding -rena suffix for Therena, like Tyrena. See also Trena.

Thaddea [Thada, Thadda, Thadee, Thaddie, .. 3 more] 8 Based on Aramaic. "Heart." Not Top 1000 names. ..

Thais [Thaisa, .. 3 more] 9 Based on Greek. Tha´s is an ancient name .. Not in popularity charts.

Thalassa 10 Source fr. Greek. "Sea, ocean." Outside Top 1000.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Th- names: Theo, Theodora, Theodosia

Thalia [Thaleia, Thalie, Thalya, .. 4 more] 11 Stems fr. Greek element. "Flourishing." Listed in Top 1000. ..

Thana 12 Stems fr. Arabic language. "Thanksgiving." Thana is not often adopted as a baby name. See also Tiona.

Thea [Theia, Thia, .. 1 more] 13 Origin fr. Greek element. "Goddess." Listed in Top 1000. ..

Theda [Theida, Thida, Theta] 14 From Old German element. "People." Thida and form rose in popularity during 1920-1929 and have become less popular, with Theda becoming less stylish. ..

Thelma [Thellma, .. 1 more] 15 From Greek. "Will, volition." Less popular today. Thelma was the version last listed (1970-1979) in the Top 1000.

Themis [Themiss, .. 2 more] 16 Derived fr. Greek element. .. Themis is the goddess of justice .. Uncommon, with the -is suffix for Themis, like Tanis.

Theodora [Theadora, Theda, Theo, Theodosia, .. 10 more] 17 Root fr. Greek element. "God's gift." Theadora is uncommon as a children's name among the variant forms of Theodora. ..

Theodosia [Theda, .. 6 more] 18 Based on Greek element. "God's gift." Usage of Theodosia as a children's name has decreased circa 1880-1889. ..

Theone [Theoni, .. 2 more] 19 Derived fr. Greek word. "Godly." Unusual as birth names, but Theone and Theoni are comparable to the more conventional Toni. ..

Theophania [Theofania, Theophanie, .. 3 more] 20 Derivative of Greek language. "God's appearance." Theophania, Theofania and Theophanie were not Top birth names in 2014. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Th- names for girls.

Althea - Theophania
Althea [Thea], Anthea [Thia], Dorothy [Thea], Tamara [Thamar, Thamara, Thamera, Thamarra], Tandy [Thandy, Thandee, Thandie, Thandey], Tecla [Thecla, Thekla], Terena [Therena], Thaddea [Thada, Thadda, Thadee, Thaddie], Thais [Thaisa], Thalassa, Thalia [Thalya, Thalie, Thaleia], Thana, Thea [Thia, Theia], Theda [Theta, Thida, Theida], Thelma [Thellma], Themis [Themiss], Theodora [Theo, Theda, Theadora, Theodosia], Theodosia [Theda], Theone [Theoni], Theophania [Theofania, Theophanie]

Theophila - Tyra
Theophila [Theofila], Theresa [Therese, Theressa, Theresita, Theresina], Therma [Thermia], Thisbe, Thomasina [Thomasa, Thomasin, Thomasine, Thomazine], Thora [Thyra, Thordia, Thordis], Thu, Thurayya [Thuraia], Tia [Thia], Tiffany [Theophanie], Tilda [Thilda, Thilde], Timothea [Thea], Tirzah [Thirsa, Thersa, Thurza, Thirza, Thursa, Thirzah, Thirshka], Toby [Thoby, Thobey, Thobie], Tyra [Thyra]