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Names starting with Tu- for girls

Page 1/2. 8 Tu- grouped name results beginning or starting with Tu- for females. Here is the list of Tu- names for boys. These names are not commonly used for girls.

Antonia (Latin) Feminine of Anthony, used since classical times, when it was a common Roman feminine family name ..
[Tunke, Tunna]

Tallulah (Native American Indian) "Leaping water."

Tuesday (Old English) Day of the week ..

Tully (Irish, Gaelic) "Powerful people."

Tulia (Spanish, Latin) From an ancient Roman family name, Tullius ..
[Tula, Tulla, Tullia, Tulya]

Popularity of Tu- baby names

Tula is a commonly used name, while Tuesday, Tuesdee, Tulia, Tulla, Tullia, Tully, Tulya, Tunke and Tunna are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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[Antonia - Tulia]
Antonia [37], Tallulah [7], Tuesday [1], Tully, Tulia [8]

[Tundra - Twyla]
Tundra [1], Turkessa [4], Twyla [4]


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