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Names starting with Yu-

Page 1/2. 14 Yu- grouped name results beginning or starting with Yu- for females. Here is the list of Yu- names for boys. These names are not commonly used for girls.

Julia (Latin) "Youthful; Jove's child." ..
[Yulia, Yuliya]

Uberta (Italian) Variant of Huberta (Old German) "bright or shining intellect".

Udele (Old English) "Wealthy."
[Yudella, Yudelle]

Ula (Scandinavian, Celtic, Hawaiian) "Wealthy; gem of the sea; sacred red." ..

Uta Origin uncertain, possibly short form of Otthild (Old German) "prospers in battle" ..

Popularity of Yu- baby names

Yuberta, Yudella, Yudelle, Yulia, Yuliya, Yulla and Yuta are rare names. (2000 U.S. Census)

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A to Z Index of all names (with variants) for girls

[Julia - Uta]
Julia [43], Uberta [3], Udele [6], Ula [4], Uta [3]

[Yolanda - Yvonne]
Yolanda [26], Yosepha [4], Yudit [7], Yuliya [5], Yuma, Yumiko, Yuridiana, Yuriko, Yvonne [14]


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