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"ZA" names beginning or starting with Za- for females. Names that start with Za- are used more often as feminine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "za", and here for the list of Za- names for boys. Usage of these girl names reached its apex in the year 2013 (usage of 0.0207%) and has remained as widespread to this day (usage 0.0204%, down 1.2%), but with names like Zaria and Zada becoming less fashionable. Zara (#422) and Zariah (#535) are two of the more fashionable girl names in this list.

Alexandra - Sahara

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[Zahndra, Zanda, Zandra, Zanndra, .. 108 more] Forms of Alexandra 1 Based on Greek language. "Man's defender." Zahndra, Zanda, etc. are seldom adopted as girls' names. ..

[Zandra, .. 47 more] Var. of Cassandra 2 Derived fr. Greek language. "Shining upon man." Not much used as a children's name now, but Zandra is still recorded often as a first name for women. See also Zondra. ..

[Zakelina, Zacqueline, .. 49 more] Var. of Jacqueline 3 Derivative of French, Hebrew languages. "He who supplants." Not in Top 1000. ..

[Zabrina, .. 10 more] Var. of Sabrina 4 Origin fr. Celtic element. Mythology .. Zabrina is uncommon as a baby name. See also Zarina.

[Zahara, .. 3 more] Var. of Sahara 5 Based on Arabic element. "Desert." Zahara (upper 47%), like Zahr (upper 63%), Zahora (64%), is a common surname with the Zah- prefix. See also Zara.

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[Alexandra - Sahara]
Alexandra [Zanda, Zandra, Zahndra, Zanndra], Cassandra [Zandra], Jacqueline [Zakelina, Zacqueline], Sabrina [Zabrina], Sahara [Zahara]

[Sandra - Zaneta]
Sandra [Zandra], Sanna [Zanna], Sarah [Zara, Zahra, Zarah, Zaria, Zarita], Susan [Zanna, Zanne, Zannie], Susannah [Zana, Zanna, Zannie], Suzanne [Zanne, Zannie], Xandra [Zandra], Xanthe [Zantha], Xaviera [Zaviera, Zaveeyera], Xenia [Zaina], Zahara [Zahra], Zahavah [Zahava, Zachava, Zachavah], Zahira [Zaheera, Zahirah], Zahra [Zahrah], Zaida [Zada, Zadie, Zayda, Zayeeda], Zaina [Zana, Zahna, Zayna, Zaynah], Zakiya [Zakia, Zakiah, Zakyla], Zalika, Zandra [Zandy, Zandie, Zahndra, Zanndra], Zaneta [Zanita, Zanetta]

[Zanna - Zohara]
Zanna [Zana, Zanne, Zannie], Zara [Zary, Zayra, Zarina, Zarria, Zayeera, Zarinda, ..], Zarina [Zareen, Zareena], Zarya [Zaria], Zelia [Zalia, Zailie, Zaylia], Zohara [Zahara, Zaharira]