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Names starting with Al-

Page 1/4. 79 Al- name results beginning or starting with Al- for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Al- names for girls.

Al A short form of names beginning with Al-.

Alaire (Latin) "Cheerful." ..

Alamar (Arabic) "Gilded, covered with gold." ..

Alain French variant of Alan.

Alan (Old German) "Precious." ..
[Al, Alain, Alair, Aland, Alann, Alano, Alanson, Alen, Alin, Allain, Allan, Allayne, Allen, Alley, Alleyn, Alleyne, Allie, Allin, Allon, Allyn, Alon, Alun, Alyn]

Alard (Old German) "Noble strength."
[Al, Aliard]

Alaric (Old German) "Noble, regal ruler." ..
[Al, Alarick, Alarico, Aleric, Alerick, Allaric, Allarick, Alleric, Allerick, Alric, Alrick]

Alasdair (Greek) "Man's defender." ..

Alastair (Scottish, Greek) "Man's defender." ..
[Al, Alasdair, Alasteir, Alaster, Alastor, Alaisdair, Alaistair, Alaister, Aleister, Alester, Alistair, Alistar, Alister, Allaistar, Allaster, Allastir, Allistair, Allister, Allistir, Allysdair, Allystair, Allyster, Alysdair, Alysdare, Alystair, Alyster]

Alban (Latin) "From Alba." ..
[Al, Albain, Alban, Albano, Albany, Albie, Albin, Albinet, Albion, Albis, Alby, Albys, Alvan, Alvin, Alvy]

Albern (Old German) "Noble courage."

Albert (Old English) "Noble, bright." ..
[Al, Albertino, Alberto, Albertus, Albie, Albrecht, Albrekt, Allie, Alvert, Alvertos]

Albin (English) "White, pale-skinned." ..
[Al, Alben, Albinson, Albyn, Alpin]

Albion (Latin, Celtic) "White; rock, crag." ..

Alcander (Greek) "Strong."
[Alcinder, Alcindor, Alkander, Alkender]

Alcott (Old English) "The old cottage."
[Alcot, Allcot, Allcott, Alkott]

Alden (Old English) "Old friend."
[Al, Aldan, Aldin, Aldwin, Aldwyn, Aldwynn, Alwine]

Aldo (Italian, Old German) "Old one, elder." ..
[Aldis, Aldon, Aldus, Alldo]

Aldous (Old German) "Old."
[Al, Aldis, Aldivin, Aldo, Aldon, Aldus, Alldo]

Aldred (Old English) "Old counsel."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Al- names: Al, Alan, Allan, Allen, Allie, Allyn, Albin, Alvin, Albert, Alberto

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Al- names: Alden, Aldo

Al, Alan, Albert, Alberto, Alden, Aldo, Allan, Allen and Alvin are commonly used names, while the other Al- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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