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Br- names beginning or starting with Br- for males. Names that start with Br- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Br- names for girls. Usage of these boy names reached its highest in the year 1998 and is almost as widespread today, but with names such as Brendon, Braeden, Brennen, Branden and Brenden becoming somewhat dated. The trendier baby names in this list are Brantley (#120), Brentley (#635), Brooks (#245), Bronson (#699) and Branson (#673), with Branson, Bronson and Brooks having a revival in usage.

Abraham - Brad

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[Brahm, Bram, .. 20 more] Var. of Abraham 1 Derivative of Hebrew word. "Father of a multitude (of nations)." The variant forms Brahm and Bram are unconventional as male names. Brahm (Top 38%) and Bram (84%) occur frequently as last names in the US Census. ..

[Bram, .. 9 more] Var. of Abram 2 Root fr. Hebrew element. "High father." Only sporadically used as a baby name, Bram exists more conventionally as a last name. See also Bren. ..

[Brose, .. 16 more] Var. of Ambrose 3 Derivative of Greek word. "Immortal." A birth name for boys which is rarely used and occurs more commonly as a surname. See also Bruce. ..

Bracken 4 Plant name: a large coarse fern .. Bracken is an infrequently used first name, occurring commonly (Top 5%) as a last name according to the US Census.

Brad [Bradd] 5 Derived fr. Old English element. "Broad, wide." The variation Brad is common (Top 18%) as a men's name, while Bradd is uncommon comparatively. Brad (Top 59%) and Bradd (84%) appear often as surnames in the US Census. ..

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[Abraham - Brad]
Abraham [Bram], Abram [Bram], Ambrose [Brose], Bracken, Brad [Bradd]

[Bradburn - Branch]
Bradburn, Braddock, Braden [Braydon, ..], Bradford [Brad, ..], Bradley [Bradney, ..], Brady [Braydie, ..], Brainard [Braynard], Bram [Brann, ..], Bramwell [Branwyll, ..], Branch

[Brand - Bravo]
Brand [Brantlie, ..], Brandon [Brennan, ..], Branislav [Bronislaw], Branley [Branly, ..], Brannon [Brannen], Branson [Branston], Brant [Brantt, ..], Branton [Brantin, ..], Braulio [Bravlio], Bravo [Bravvo]

[Brawley - Brennan]
Brawley [Brawly, ..], Braxton [Brexton], Bray [Brae], Brazier [Brazier, ..], Brazil [Brasil], Breck, Breckinridge [Brackenridge], Breed [Breedlove], Brendan [Brennon, ..], Brennan [Brenyn, ..]

[Brent - Bridgely]
Brent [Brentyn, ..], Brenton [Brenttyn, ..], Brett [Britton, ..], Brevard, Brewster [Bruce], Brian [Bryon, ..], Brice [Bryse, ..], Brick [Brik, ..], Brickell [Brickel], Bridgely [Bridgeley]

[Bridger - Brockhoist]
Bridger [Bridge], Briggs, Brigham [Briggs, ..], Brighton, Brinley [Brynly, ..], Bristol [Bristow], Britannicus, Britton [Briton], Brock [Brok, ..], Brockhoist

[Brockley - Brooks]
Brockley [Brockly, ..], Brockton [Brocton, ..], Broderick [Brodrick, ..], Brody [Brosedy, ..], Brogan [Broggan], Bromley [Broomlie, ..], Bromwell [Bromwyl], Bronco [Bronko], Bronson [Bronsson, ..], Brooks [Brookie, ..]

[Broughton - Bryland]
Broughton, Brown, Bruce [Brucie], Bruno [Brunon, ..], Brunswick, Brutus [Bruto], Bryan [Bryon], Bryant [Briant], Bryce [Brice], Bryland

[Bryn - Westbrook]
Bryn, Brynmor, Bryson [Brysin, ..], Burnell [Brunell], Holbrook [Brook], Price [Bryce], Roderick [Brodryck, ..], Westbrook [Brooke]