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"BR" baby names beginning or starting with Br- are used more often as masculine names.

These boy names reached the height of their popularity in the year 2009 (usage of 0.0774%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.0678%, 12.4%), but with names such as Brendon, Braeden, Brennen, Branden and Brenden becoming somewhat dated. The trendier baby names in this list are Brantley (#120), Brentley (#635), Brooks (#245), Bronson (#699) and Branson (#673), and there is a revival in birth name usage for Branson, Bronson and Brooks. Braud (top 6%) and Braun (1%) are conventional Br- surnames.

Here is the list of Br- names for girls.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Br- names: Brad, Braden, Bradford, Bradley, Bradly

[Brahm, Bram, .. 20 more] Forms of Abraham 1 Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Father of a multitude (of nations)." Not in Top 1000. ..

[Bram, .. 9 more] Form of Abram 2 Derivative of Hebrew. "High father." Bramba, Brambi and Bramby are kreatif variations. ..

[Brose, .. 16 more] Var. of Ambrose 3 Origin fr. Greek element. "Immortal." Unique. Brose, like Blaise, uses the androgynous -se ending. See also Bryce. ..

Bracken 4 Plant name .. Rare. Bracken, like Beyren, ends with -en. Gender-neutral name.

Brad [Bradd] 5 Derivative of Old English. "Broad, wide." Not in popularity charts. ..

Bradburn 6 Derivative of Old English language. "Wide stream." Not Top 1000 name.

Braddock 7 Based on Old English language. "Broad-spreading oak." Not in popularity charts. See also Craddock.

Braden [Bradan, Bradden, Braddon, Bradin, Braeden, Bradon, Braedon, Braiden, Braidin, Brayden, Braydan, Braydon] 8 Based on Irish, Gaelic element. "Descendant of Bradán." Ranked in Top 1000.

Bradford [Braddford, Bradfurd, Brad] 9 Root fr. Old English language. "Broad ford." Unusual. Bradford, Braddford (cf. Byford) has the common -ord suffix.

Bradley [Brad, Bradd, Bradlea, Bradlee, Bradlie, Bradleigh, Bradly, Bradney, .. 1 more] 10 Source fr. Old English element. "Broad meadow." Listed in Top 1000.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Br- names: Brady, Braeden, Braedon, Braiden, Brandan

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Br- names: Branden, Brandon, Brandt, Brandyn, Brannon

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Br- names: Brant, Brantley, Brayden, Braydon, Brennan

Brady [Bradey, Bradie, Braedy, Braidie, Braydie, Braidy] 11 Derivative of Irish, Gaelic word. "Descendant of Brádach." Prevalent, with the -dy suffix for Brady, Braedy, Braidy like Buddy.

Brainard [Brainerd, Braynard] 12 From Old English element. "Courageous raven." Outside Top 1000.

Bram [Bramm, Bran, Brann] 13 Source fr. Scottish, Irish, Gaelic. "Bramble." Unique. Bram (cf. Briggham) has the -am suffix. ..

Bramwell [Brammell, Bramwel, Bramwyll, Branwell, Branwyll, Branwill] 14 Based on Old English. "Broom well; raven well." Unusual, with the androgynous -ll suffix for Bramwell, Brammell, etc. like Byll. ..

Branch 15 Derived fr. Latin. "Paw; extension." Unusual. Branch (cf. Boruch) ends with the androgynous-sounding -ch. See also Branko.

Brand [Brandell, Brander, Brando, Brandt, Brantley, Brant, Brantlie] 16 Origin fr. Old Norse, Old English words. "Sword; fiery torch, beacon." Rare. Brand, like Bertrand, ends with the androgynous-sounding -nd. ..

Brandon [Brand, Brandan, Branden, Brandin, Brannon, Brandyn, Branton, Brennan] 17 Root fr. Old English. "Broom, gorse hill." Ranked in Top 1000. ..

Branislav [Branko, Bronislaw, .. 1 more] 18 Stems fr. Slavic element. "Glorious defender." Not in Top 1000.

Branley [Branlea, Branlee, Branlie, Branly] 19 Source fr. Old English word. "Raven meadow." Unusual. Branley, like Bradey, has the androgynous-sounding -ey ending.

Brannon [Branna, Brannen] 20 Derivative of Irish, Gaelic word. .. An elaboration of "bran", meaning "raven". Uncommon, with the favored androgynous -on suffix for Brannon like Brentton.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Br- names for boys.

Abraham - Brannon
Abraham [Bram, Brahm], Abram [Bram], Ambrose [Brose], Bracken, Brad [Bradd], Bradburn, Braddock, Braden [Brayden, Braydon, ..], Bradford [Brad, Bradfurd], Bradley [Bradly, Bradney, ..], Brady [Braidy, Braydie, ..], Brainard [Brainerd, Braynard], Bram [Bran, Brann], Bramwell [Branwill, Branwyll, ..], Branch, Brand [Brantley, Brantlie, ..], Brandon [Branton, Brennan, ..], Branislav [Branko, Bronislaw], Branley [Branly, Branlie, ..], Brannon [Branna, Brannen]

Branson - Brevard
Branson [Bransen, Branston], Brant [Brantt, Brantley, ..], Branton [Branten, Brantin], Braulio [Bravlio, Bravilio], Bravo [Brahvo, Bravvo], Brawley [Brawly, Brawlie, ..], Braxton [Brexton], Bray [Brae], Braylen [Braylin, Braylon], Brazier [Brazer, Braizer, ..], Brazil [Brasil], Breck, Breckinridge [Brackenridge], Breed [Breedlove], Brendan [Brennen, Brennon, ..], Brennan [Brenyn, Brennon, ..], Brent [Brentt, Brentyn, ..], Brenton [Brentton, Brenttyn, ..], Brett [Britte, Britton, ..], Brevard

Brewster - Broderick
Brewster [Bruce, Brewer], Brian [Bryon, Bryent, ..], Brice [Bryce, Bryse, ..], Brick [Brik, Brickman], Brickell [Brickel], Bridgely [Bridgeley], Bridger [Bridge], Briggs, Brigham [Briggs, Briggham], Brighton, Briley [Bryly, Bryley, ..], Brinley [Brynly, Brynlee, ..], Bristol [Bristow], Britannicus, Britton [Briton, Bretton], Brock [Brok, Brocke], Brockhoist, Brockley [Brockly, Brocklie, ..], Brockton [Brocton, Brocktin], Broderick [Brodric, Brodrick, ..]

Brody - Brynmor
Brody [Brodie, Brosedy, ..], Brogan [Broggan], Bromley [Broomlie, Bromleigh, ..], Bromwell [Bromwyl], Bronco [Bronko], Bronson [Bronsonn, Bronsson, ..], Brooks [Brookes, Brookie, ..], Broughton, Brown, Bruce [Brucey, Brucie], Bruno [Bruino, Brunon], Brunswick, Brutus [Bruto], Bryan [Bryen, Bryon], Bryant [Briant], Bryce [Brice], Bryland, Brylee, Bryn, Brynmor

Bryson - Westbrook
Bryson [Brysen, Brysin], Burnell [Brunel, Brunell], Holbrook [Brook], Price [Brice, Bryce], Roderick [Brodrick, Brodryck], Westbrook [Brook, Brooke]