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Ca- names beginning or starting with Ca- for males. Here is the list of Ca- names for girls. These boy names reached the height of their popularity in the year 2012 and have remained as popular to this day, but with names like Camron, Cale, Camren, Cael and Casey becoming somewhat outmoded. The most trendy boy names in this compilation are Case (#467), Callan (#668), Cassius (#704), Cain (#727) and Callum (#729). There is a rekindling in baby name popularity for Cassius.

Caballero - Caddis

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Caballero 1 Derivative of Spanish word. "Horseman." Caballero is unusual as a male name, occurring commonly (Top 2%) as a last name in the US Census.

Cable [Cabe, Cabell] 2 Root fr. Old French element. "Rope-maker." The variations Cabe, Cabell and Cable are atypical as male names. Cabe (Top 10%), Cabell (14%) and Cable (4%) occur commonly as last names in the US Census.

Cabot [Cabbot] 3 Derivative of French word. "Strolling player." The variations Cabbot and Cabot are rarely occurring as men's names, and Cabot appears regularly (Top 20%) as a surname in the US Census.

Cadby [Cadbee, Cadbey, Cadbie] 4 Root fr. Old English element. "Fighter's settlement." The forms Cadbee, Cadbey, Cadbie and Cadby are unconventional as male names.

Caddis [Caddice, Caddiss] 5 Derived fr. Old English language. "Worsted fabric." The variant forms Caddice, Caddis and Caddiss are uncommon as men's names.

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[Caballero - Caddis]
Caballero, Cable [Cabe, Cabell], Cabot [Cabbot], Cadby [Cadbey, Cadbie], Caddis [Caddice, Caddiss]

[Cade - Camilo]
Cade [Caide, Caden], Cadell [Cadel, Caddell], Caden [Caedan, Cayden, ..], Cadfael [Cadoc], Cadfan, Cadman, Cadmus [Cadmos, Cadmuss, ..], Cadoc, Cadogan [Cadog, Caddock], Caduceus, Caelan [Calan, Caley], Caeo [Caio, Cayo], Caerwyn, Caesar [Casar, Caezar], Cai [Caw, Caio], Cailean [Cailin], Cain [Caine], Caine, Caird [Caerd, Cairde], Cairn [Cairne, Cairns], Cairo, Caius [Cai, Caio], Cajetan [Caje, Cajetano], Cal, Calder [Caulder], Caldwell, Cale [Caile, Cayle], Caleb [Cale, Cayleb], Caley [Caily, Cailey], Calhoun [Callhoun], Callan [Cailean], Callis [Callys, Callyx], Calogero [Calogeros], Calum [Callum], Calumet [Callumet], Calvert [Calbert], Calvin [Cal, Calvino], Camden [Camdin, Camdon], Cameron [Camry, Camron, ..], Camilo [Camillo, Camillus]

[Campbell - Carter]
Campbell [Campbel], Campion [Campian], Canby [Canbey, Canbie], Candelario [Candelero, Candelerio, ..], Canice, Candido [Candide, Candidio], Canfield, Canning [Cannan], Cannon [Canon], Canute, Canyon, Caolan [Caelen, Caolain], Capp [Cap, Capps], Caradoc [Caradog], Cardell [Cardelle], Carden [Cardin, Cardon], Carew [Carewe], Carl [Carel], Carley [Carleigh], Carlin [Carly, Carling], Carlos [Carlo, Carrlos], Carlow [Carlowe], Carlsen [Carlson, Carlsson], Carlton [Carlson, Carston], Carlyle [Carly, Carlisle, ..], Carmelo [Carmeli, Carmello], Carmichael, Carmine [Carmin, Carmino, ..], Carney [Carny], Carnell [Carne, Carnelle], Carollan [Carling, Carolan], Caron, Carpenter, Carr, Carrick, Carrington [Carington, Caryngton], Carroll [Caryl, Caryll, ..], Carson [Cason, Carsen], Carswell [Caswell], Carter [Cartier, Cartrell]

[Carwyn - Kaelan]
Carwyn [Caerwyn], Carvell [Carvil, Carville], Carver, Cary [Carey, Carrey], Case, Casey [Cayce, Caycey, ..], Cash [Casshe], Casimir [Caz, Casmir, ..], Caspar [Cass, Casper], Caspian, Cassander [Casandro, Cassandero], Cassian, Cassidy [Cassedy, Cassidey, ..], Cassiel, Cassius [Cass, Cassio], Castor [Caster, Castorio], Cathal [Cal], Cathan, Catlin [Cattlin], Cato [Cayto], Catullus [Catullo], Cavan, Cavanagh [Cavanaugh], Caxton, Cedric [Caddaric], Champion [Campion], Channing [Canon, Cannon], Chappel [Cappel, Capello, ..], Charles [Cary, Caryl, ..], Charlton [Carlton, Carleton], Colin [Cailean], Colum [Callum], Craddock [Caradoc, Caragod], Cresswell [Carswell], Gaetano [Cajetano, Cayetano, ..], Gaius [Cai, Caio], Gaspard [Casper], Kacey [Casey], Kaden [Caydin, Caydon, ..], Kaelan [Caelan]

[Kaleb - Knute]
Kaleb [Caleb], Kameron [Cameron], Kane [Caine, Cathan, ..], Karl [Carl], Karmel [Carmeli, Carmelo], Kavan [Cavan], Kavanagh [Cavanagh, Cavanaugh], Kennedy [Canady, Canaday], Kernaghan [Carnahan], Kerr [Carr], Knute [Canute]