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"CA" names beginning or starting with Ca- for men. Click here for the list of names containing the element "ca", and here for the list of Ca- names for girls. These boy names were at the height of their popularity in 2012 (usage of 0.052%) and have remained as popular to this day (usage 0.051%, down 1.9%), but with names like Camron, Cale, Camren, Cael and Casey becoming somewhat outmoded. The most trendy boy names in this compilation are Case (#467), Callan (#668), Cassius (#704), Cain (#727) and Callum (#729), and there is a rekindling in baby name popularity for Cassius.

Caballero - Caddis

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Caballero 1 Derived fr. Spanish word. "Horseman." Caballero is a rarely occurring given name, existing often (Upper 1%) as a surname.

Cable [Cabe, Cabell] 2 Derivative of Old French element. "Rope-maker." Cable, Cabe, Cabell (cmp. Cauble, Carle) are common surnames with the Ca- prefix.

Cabot [Cabbot] 3 Source fr. French. "Strolling player." Cabot and Cabbot are not often used as baby names.

Cadby [Cadbee, Cadbey, Cadbie] 4 Derived fr. Old English language. "Fighter's settlement." Not in Top 1000.

Caddis [Caddice, Caddiss] 5 Derived fr. Old English language. "Worsted fabric." Caddis, Caddice and Caddiss were not among 2014's Top names.

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[Caballero - Caddis]
Caballero, Cable [Cabell], Cabot [Cabbot], Cadby [Cadbie, ..], Caddis [Caddiss]

[Cade - Cairn]
Cade [Caden], Cadell [Caddell], Caden [Cayden, ..], Cadfael [Cadoc], Cadfan, Cadman, Cadmus [Cadmuss, ..], Cadoc, Cadogan [Cadog], Caduceus, Caelan [Caley], Caeo [Cayo], Caerwyn, Caesar [Casar], Cai [Caw], Cailean [Cailin], Cain [Caine], Caine, Caird [Cairde], Cairn [Cairns]

[Cairo - Camilo]
Cairo, Caius [Caio], Cajetan [Cajetano], Cal, Calder [Caulder], Caldwell, Cale [Cayle, ..], Caleb [Cayleb, ..], Caley [Caily], Calhoun [Callhoun], Callan [Cailean], Callis [Callyx, ..], Calogero [Calogeros], Calum [Callum], Calumet [Callumet], Calvert [Calbert], Calvin [Calvino], Camden [Camdon], Cameron [Camry, ..], Camilo [Camillus]

[Campbell - Carlin]
Campbell [Campbel], Campion [Campian], Canby [Canbie], Candelario [Candelero, ..], Canice, Candido [Candidio], Canfield, Canning [Cannan], Cannon [Canon], Canute, Canyon, Caolan [Caolain, ..], Capp [Capps], Caradoc [Caradog], Cardell [Cardelle], Carden [Cardon, ..], Carew [Carewe], Carl [Carel], Carley [Carleigh], Carlin [Carly]

[Carlos - Carter]
Carlos [Carrlos, ..], Carlow [Carlowe], Carlsen [Carlsson, ..], Carlton [Carston, ..], Carlyle [Carly, ..], Carmelo [Carmello, ..], Carmichael, Carmine [Carmino, ..], Carney [Carny], Carnell [Carnelle], Carollan [Carolan, ..], Caron, Carpenter, Carr, Carrick, Carrington [Caryngton], Carroll [Caryll, ..], Carson [Cason, ..], Carswell [Caswell], Carter [Cartrell]

[Carwyn - Cato]
Carwyn [Caerwyn], Carvell [Carville, ..], Carver, Cary [Carrey], Case, Casey [Caycey, ..], Cash [Casshe], Casimir [Caz, ..], Caspar [Cass], Caspian, Cassander [Cassandero, ..], Cassian, Cassidy [Cassidey, ..], Cassiel, Cassius [Cassio, ..], Castor [Castorio], Cathal [Cal], Cathan, Catlin [Cattlin], Cato [Cayto]

[Catullus - Kaelan]
Catullus [Catullo], Cavan, Cavanagh [Cavanaugh], Caxton, Cedric [Caddaric], Champion [Campion], Channing [Canon, ..], Chappel [Cappel, ..], Charles [Caryl, ..], Charlton [Carlton], Colin [Cailean], Colum [Callum], Craddock [Caragod], Cresswell [Carswell], Gaetano [Cayetano, ..], Gaius [Caio], Gaspard [Casper], Kacey [Casey], Kaden [Caydon, ..], Kaelan [Caelan]

[Kaleb - Knute]
Kaleb [Caleb], Kameron [Cameron], Kane [Cathan, ..], Karl [Carl], Karmel [Carmelo, ..], Kavan [Cavan], Kavanagh [Cavanaugh], Kennedy [Canady], Kernaghan [Carnahan], Kerr [Carr], Knute [Canute]