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Cha- names

"CHA" baby names beginning or starting with Cha- are used more often as feminine names.

Adoption of these boy names reached its peak during the years 1980-1989 (usage of 0.059%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.049%, down 17.1%), but with names like Chace, Chad, Charley, Chas and Chaz becoming somewhat dated. The more fashionable baby names in this compilation are Chance (#248), Chandler (#420), Channing (#689), Charlie (#225) and Chase (#78), with Channing and Charlie going through a revival in popularity. Chasse (top 8%) and Channel (13%) are familiar Cha- surnames.

Here is the list of Cha- names for girls.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Cha- names: Chad, Chadd, Chadrick, Chadwick, Chaim

[Charlton, .. 3 more] Form of Carlton 1 From Old English word. "Free peasant settlement." Not in popularity charts. See also Charleton.

[Charpentier] Form of Carpenter 2 From Latin element. "Carriage maker." Not in popularity charts.

Chad [Chaddie, Chadd, Chadric, Chadrick, Chadwick] 3 Derivative of Old English element. Modern spelling of the medieval given .. Common as surnames, and Chad (top 28%), var. are comparable to common surname Chak (top 33%), with the Cha- prefix.

Chadwick [Chadwyck] 4 Source fr. Old English. "Dairy farm of Ceadda." Chadwyck is unusual as a children's name among the forms of Chadwick. ..

Chai 5 Origin fr. Hebrew. "Living, vital." Chai is rarely adopted as a birth name. See also Chap.

Chaim [Chayim, Chayyim, .. 8 more] 6 Source fr. Hebrew. "Life." Chaim, Chayim and Chayyim are rarely found as male names, and Chaim occurs commonly (top 88%) as a last name. ..

Chairo 7 Based on Spanish, Greek languages. "Sacred name." Chairo is unusual as a boys' name. See also Cairo. ..

Chalkley [Chalklea, Chalklie] 8 Source fr. Old English element. "Chalk meadow." Not Top 1000 names.

Chalmers [Chalmer, Chambers] 9 From Old French element. "Servant of the chambers." Not in Top 1000.

Chamberlain [Chambellan, Chamberlin, Chambers] 10 Derivative of Middle English element. "Chief officer of the household." Chambercin, Chamberlainna and Cheberlain are kreatif variations.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Cha- names: Chance, Chandler, Chauncey

Champ 11 Origin fr. Middle English. "Warrior." Champ is uncommon as a children's name. See also Chap. ..

Champion [Champ, Champeon, .. 1 more] 12 Based on Middle English element. "Warrior." Unusual, with the favored androgynous -on ending for Champion, Champeon, like Covington.

Chan 13 Based on Spanish, Hebrew words. "God is gracious." Uncommon as a baby name, but Chan is comparable to the more familiar Chad. See also Cheny. ..

Chanan 14 Root fr. Hebrew word. "God was compassionate." Not that prominent as a baby name. See also Cannan.

Chance [Chanse, Chantz, Chanze, Chaunce, Chauncey, Chauncy, .. 1 more] 15 Derivative of Middle English. "Good fortune." Adoption of Chance, Chaunce, etc. as baby names in 2014 was 0.3% less than 10 years ago. ..

Chancellor [Chance, Chancelor, Chansellor, Chaunce] 16 Root fr. French, Middle English words. "Office holder." Usage of Chansellor and form was common among parents in 1996 and is almost as widespread now.

Chand [Chandak, Chandan] 17 Based on Hindi, Sanskrit elements. "Moon, light." Not in Top 1000.

Chandler 18 Stems fr. Middle English, Old French elements. "Candle maker and seller." Listed in Top 1000. Also a girls' name.

Chaney [Chalney, Chany, .. 1 more] 19 Source fr. French language. "Oak tree." Outside Top 1000.

Chang 20 Origin fr. Chinese word. "Smooth, free, unhindered." Not in Top 1000. See also Chann.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Cha- names for boys.

Carlton - Chang
Carlton [Charlton], Carpenter [Charpentier], Chad [Chadd, Chaddie, Chadric, Chadrick, Chadwick], Chadwick [Chadwyck], Chai, Chaim [Chayim, Chayyim], Chairo, Chalkley [Chalklea, Chalklie], Chalmers [Chalmer, Chambers], Chamberlain [Chambers, Chambellan, Chamberlin], Champ, Champion [Champ, Champeon], Chan, Chanan, Chance [Chantz, Chanse, Chanze, Chaunce, Chauncy, Chauncey], Chancellor [Chance, Chaunce, Chancelor, Chansellor], Chand [Chandak, Chandan], Chandler, Chaney [Chany, Chalney], Chang

Chaniel - Cheyne
Chaniel [Chanyel], Channing [Chann, Channe, Channon], Chano, Chanoch [Chanok, Channoch], Chantrey [Chantry], Chaparral [Chaparall], Chaplin [Chaplain, Chaplinn, Chappelin], Chapman [Chap, Chappy], Chappel [Chaps, Chappell], Charles [Chaz, Chas, Charls, Charly, Charlot, Charlton, ..], Charlie [Charly], Charlton [Charleton, Charleston], Charro, Chase [Chace, Chasen, Chayce, Chayse], Chauncey [Chance, Chauncy, Chaunsy, Chancey, Chaunsey, Chawncey], Chaviv, Chayo, Chaz [Chas, Chazz], Cheyenne [Chayan, Chayann], Cheyne [Chane, Chaney, Chayne]

Enoch - Enoch
Enoch [Chanoch]