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Cha- names beginning or starting with Cha- for males. Names that start with Cha- are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of Cha- names for girls. Usage of these boy names reached its peak in 1980-1989 and it is almost as widespread today, but with names like Chace, Chad, Chaz, Chas and Charley becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy baby names in this list are Channing (#689), Chandler (#420), Charlie (#225), Chance (#248) and Chase (#78), with Channing and Charlie having a resurgence in usage.

Carlton - Chai

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[Charlton, .. 3 more] Var. of Carlton 1 Root fr. Old English word. "Free peasant settlement." The form Charlton is a rarely occurring masculine name, and it occurs regularly (Top 4%) as a surname according to the US Census. See also Charleton.

[Charpentier] Var. of Carpenter 2 Derivative of Latin language. "Carriage maker." Rarely used as a name for babies, Charpentier exists more frequently as a surname.

Chad [Chaddie, Chadd, Chadric, Chadrick, Chadwick] 3 Stems fr. Old English element. Modern spelling of the medieval given name Ceadda, borne by a seventh-century saint who was Archbishop of York .. The variant forms Chad (Top 10%) and Chadwick (66%) are familiar male names, while the other names are unusual comparatively. Chad (Top 54%), Chadd (27%) and Chadwick (2%) occur frequently as last names in the US Census.

Chadwick [Chadwyck] 4 Derived fr. Old English word. "Dairy farm of Ceadda." The form Chadwick is common (Top 66%) as a male name, while Chadwyck is uncommon comparatively, and Chadwick appears frequently (Top 2%) as a last name in the US Census. ..

Chai 5 Stems fr. Hebrew element. "Living, vital." The version Chai is uncommonly used as a first name, appearing frequently (Top 18%) as a last name in the US Census. See also Shai.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Cha- names: Chad, Chadd, Chadrick, Chadwick

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[Carlton - Chai]
Carlton [Charlton], Carpenter [Charpentier], Chad [Chadrick, Chadwick, ..], Chadwick [Chadwyck], Chai

[Chaim - Chance]
Chaim [Chayim, Chayyim], Chairo, Chalkley [Chalklea, Chalklie], Chalmers [Chalmer, Chambers], Chamberlain [Chambers, Chamberlin], Champ, Champion [Champ, Champeon], Chan [Chano, Chayo], Chanan, Chance [Chauncy, Chauncey, ..]

[Chancellor - Chaparral]
Chancellor [Chaunce, Chansellor, ..], Chand [Chandak, Chandan], Chandler, Chaney [Chany, Chalney], Chang, Chaniel [Chanyel], Channing [Channe, Channon], Chanoch [Chanok, Channoch], Chantrey [Chantry], Chaparral [Chaparall]

[Chaplin - Chaviv]
Chaplin [Chaplinn, Chappelin], Chapman [Chap, Chappy], Chappel [Chaps, Chappell], Charles [Chas, Chaz, ..], Charlie [Charly], Charlton [Charleton, Charleston], Charro, Chase [Chayce, Chayse, ..], Chauncey [Chaunsy, Chawncey, ..], Chaviv

[Chaz - Enoch]
Chaz [Chas, Chazz], Cheyenne [Chayan, Chayann], Cheyne [Chaney, Chayne], Enoch [Chanoch]