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Chaim [Chayim, Chayyim, .. 8 more] 6 Stems fr. Hebrew element. "Life." The forms Chaim, Chayim and Chayyim are rarely occurring as masculine names, and Chaim occurs regularly (Top 98%) as a surname according to the US Census. ..

Chairo 7 Derivative of Spanish, Greek elements. "Sacred name." Seldom used as a given name for baby boys. See also Charro. ..

Chalkley [Chalklea, Chalklie] 8 Root fr. Old English word. "Chalk meadow." The variations Chalklea, Chalkley and Chalklie are rarely occurring as first names, and Chalkley occurs frequently (Top 73%) as a last name in the US Census.

Chalmers [Chalmer, Chambers] 9 Derivative of Old French element. "Servant of the chambers." The forms Chalmer, Chalmers and Chambers are uncommon as male names. Chalmers (Top 4%) and Chambers (1%) appear frequently as last names in the US Census.

Chamberlain [Chambellan, Chamberlin, Chambers] 10 Stems fr. Middle English element. "Chief officer of the household." The forms Chambellan, Chamberlain, Chamberlin and Chambers are rarely occurring masculine names. Chamberlain (Top 1%), Chamberlin (4%) and Chambers (1%) occur regularly as surnames according to the US Census.

Champ 11 Derived fr. Middle English word. "Warrior." Rarely used as a baby name, Champ exists more frequently as a surname. ..

Champion [Champ, Champeon, .. 1 more] 12 Root fr. Middle English. "Warrior." The variations Champ, Champeon and Champion are rarely occurring first names. Champ (Top 14%) and Champion (2%) occur frequently as last names in the US Census.

Chan [Chano, Chayo] 13 Derivative of Chinese, Spanish elements. Nickname for John .. The versions Chan, Chano and Chayo are sparsely used first names, and Chan appears frequently (Top 1%) as a last name in the US Census.

Chanan 14 Root fr. Hebrew. "God was compassionate." The version Chanan is an uncommonly used first name. See also Shanan.

Chance [Chanse, Chantz, Chanze, Chaunce, Chauncey, Chauncy, .. 1 more] 15 Derivative of Middle English element. "Good fortune." The forms Chance (Top 69%) and Chauncey (77%) are common as male names, while the other names are uncommon in comparison. Chance (Top 3%) and Chauncey (27%) appear frequently as last names in the US Census. ..

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