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Con- names beginning or starting with Con- for males. Names that start with Con- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Con- names for girls. Usage of these boy names reached its peak in 1993 and it is almost as widespread today, but with names like Conor, Connie, Constantine and Conrad becoming less trendy. Connor (#52) and Conner (#229) are two of the more trendy baby names in this compilation.

Conall - Conley

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Conall [Conal, Conn, Connal, Connell] 1 From Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, Celtic words. "Strong wolf." The forms Conal, Conall, Conn, Connal and Connell are rarely used male names. Conn (Top 2%) and Connell (2%) appear frequently as last names according to the US Census. ..

Concord 2 Based on Middle English word. "Peace." Seldom used as a birth name for boys.

Conan [Con, Conant, Conn, Connie] 3 Origin fr. English, Irish, Gaelic elements. "Hound, wolf; high." The forms Connie and Conan are more prevalent as given names among the different variations of the name.

Conlan [Conlen, Conley, Conlin, Conlon, Connlyn] 4 Source fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Hero." These names are barely found as male names. Conlan (Top 20%), Conley (1%), Conlin (9%) and Conlon (6%) occur frequently as last names according to the US Census.

Conley 5 From Gaelic. Anglicized form of Conlaodh (Gaelic), possibly from "connla" meaning "pure, chaste, sensible" and the personal name Aodh .. Unique as a name for newborns, Conley is found more commonly as a last name. See also Colley.

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[Conall - Conley]
Conall [Conn, Conal, Connal, Connell], Concord, Conan [Conn, Conant, Connie], Conlan [Conlen, Conley, Conlin, Conlon, Connlyn], Conley

[Conn - Cornelius]
Conn, Connor [Conn, Conor, Conner], Conrad [Connie, Conrade, Conrado], Conroy, Constant, Constantine [Constanz, Constans, Constant, Constantin, Constantino, Constantius], Consuel [Consuelo], Conway [Conwy], Coney, Cornelius [Connie]

[Cunningham - Gonzalo]
Cunningham [Conyngham], Gonzalo [Consalvo]