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Cr- names

"CR" baby names beginning or starting with Cr- are used more often as masculine names.

These boy names were at the height of their popularity in 2007 (usage of 0.0271%) and have remained as popular to this day (usage 0.0243%, 10.4%), but with names like Cristopher, Craig, Cristobal and Crawford becoming less in vogue. Crosby (#614), Crew (#682), Cruz (#290) and Cristian (#273) are four of the more trendy baby names here. Crotty (top 5%) and Crow (1%) are familiar Cr- last names.

Here is the list of Cr- names for girls.

pinCarew - Crisanto

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Cr- names: Craig, Crawford, Crew, Cris, Cristian

[Crew, Crewe, .. 1 more] Forms of Carew 1 Derivative of Latin language. "Chariot." Ranked in Top 1000.

[Cris, .. 2 more] Var. of Chris 2 Derived fr. Greek word. "Bearing Christ." Crisce and Criscy are kreatif forms. ..

[Cristen, Cristian, Cristiano, Cristino, Cristos, Criston, Cristy, .. 18 more] Var. of Christian 3 Root fr. Latin word. "Follower of Christ." Unusual. Criston, like Clyfton, uses the androgynous -on ending. ..

[Cris, Cristobal, Cristofer, Cristoforo, Cristovano, .. 27 more] Var. of Christopher 4 Source fr. Greek. "Bearing Christ." Unique, with the -er ending for Cristofer like Cuyler. ..

Craddock [Cradock, .. 2 more] 5 Root fr. Welsh. "Love." Not in popularity charts.

Craig [Craigie, Craik, .. 1 more] 6 Derivative of Scottish, Gaelic. "Rock, rocky." Ranked in Top 1000.

Cramer [Cram, .. 2 more] 7 From Old German. "Peddler." Not in Top 1000.

Crandall [Crandal, Crandell] 8 Source fr. Old English language. "Valley of cranes." Uncommon. Crandall, like Conall, ends with the androgynous -all.

Crane [Crain, Craine, Crayn, Crayne] 9 Origin fr. Old English element. "Crane." Unique, with the unconventional androgynous -ane suffix for Crane like Chane.

Cranford [Cranfurd] 10 Stems fr. Old English word. "Ford with the crane." Not in Top 1000.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Cr- names: Cristiano, Cristobal, Cristofer

Cranley [Cranlee, Cranleigh, Cranly] 11 Derived fr. Old English element. "Meadow with the cranes." Outside Top 1000.

Cranston 12 Origin fr. Old English language. "Settlement of cranes." Rare. Cranston (cf. Clinton) ends with the masculine -ton.

Craven 13 Origin fr. Old English language. Place name used as surname. Unique. Craven (cf. Chrestien) ends with the androgynous-sounding -en.

Crawford [Crawfurd] 14 Based on Old English language. "Ford of the crows." Unusual. Crawford (cf. Clifford) ends with -ord.

Cree 15 Native Canadian tribe .. Rare. Cree (cf. Crosslee) uses the unusual -ee suffix. Unisex name.

Creed [Creedon] 16 Stems fr. English, Latin elements. "Belief; guiding principle; I believe." Not Top 1000 names. ..

Creek [Creik] 17 "Small river." Not in Top 1000. Place name.

Creighton [Crayton, Crichton] 18 Derived fr. Scottish, Middle English, Old English words. "Border or boundary settlement." Not in Top 1000. ..

Cresswell [Creswell, Creswill, .. 1 more] 19 Stems fr. Old English element. "Well where watercress grows." Outside Top 1000.

Crisanto [Cresento, Crisento, Crizant, Crizanto] 20 Derived fr. Spanish, Greek words. "Gold flower." Unique. Cresento, var., like Cato, uses the -to ending.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Cr- names for boys.

Carew - Crisanto
Carew [Crew, Crewe], Chris [Cris], Christian [Cristy, Cristen, Criston, Cristos, Cristian, Cristino, Cristiano], Christopher [Cris, Cristobal, Cristofer, Cristoforo, Cristovano], Craddock [Cradock], Craig [Craik, Craigie], Cramer [Cram], Crandall [Crandal, Crandell], Crane [Crain, Crayn, Crayne, Craine], Cranford [Cranfurd], Cranley [Cranly, Cranlee, Cranleigh], Cranston, Craven, Crawford [Crawfurd], Cree, Creed [Creedon], Creek [Creik], Creighton [Crayton, Crichton], Cresswell [Creswell, Creswill], Crisanto [Crizant, Cresento, Crisento, Crizanto]

Crispin - Cruz
Crispin [Crepin, Crispo, Crispus, Crespin, Crispino, Crisspin, Crispian], Cristian, Cristofer [Cristoval, Cristofor, Cristopher], Crockett [Crock, Crocket, Croquet, Croquett], Crofton [Croft, Crofft, Croffton], Cromwell, Cronus [Cronan], Crook [Crooks, Crooke, Crookes], Crosby [Crosbey, Crosbie], Crosley [Crosly, Croslea, Crosslee, Crosslie, Crossley, Crosleigh], Crowell, Crowther [Crothers], Croydon [Croy], Cruz [Cruzito]