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Names starting with Du-

Page 1/2. 32 Du- name results beginning or starting with Du- for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Du- names for girls.

Derland (Old English) "Land with deer."

Derwin (Old English) "Gifted friend; dear friend." ..

Dougal (Celtic) "Dark stranger."
[Dugal, Dugald, Dugall]

Douglas (Scottish, Gaelic) "Black river."

Duane (Irish, Gaelic) "Dark, swarthy."
[Duante, Duayne, Duwain, Duwaine, Duwayne]

Duarte (Spanish, Old English) "Wealthy guard." ..

Dudley (Old English) "People's field."

Duff (Gaelic) "Swarthy."
[Duffey, Duffie, Duffy]

Dugan (Irish, Gaelic) "Dark, swarthy."

Duke (Latin) "Leader." ..

Dumont (French) "Of the mountain."

Dunbar (Gaelic) "Castle headland."

Duncan (Scottish, Gaelic) "Dark warrior; brown fighter."
[Dunc, Dunn]

Dundee (Gaelic) "Fort on the Tay."

Dunham (Gaelic) "Brown man."

Dunley (Old English) "Meadow with the hill."
[Dunlea, Dunleigh, Dunlie, Dunly, Dunnlea, Dunnleigh, Dunnley]

Dunlop (Scottish, Gaelic) "Muddy hill."

Dunmore (Scottish, Gaelic) "Big fortress on the hill."

Dunn (Gaelic) "Brown." ..

Dunstan (Old English) "Brown stone; brown hill with stones."
[Dunsten, Dunstin, Dunston]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Du- names: Duane, Duwayne, Dudley, Duke, Duncan

Duane, Dudley and Duncan are commonly used names, while the other Du- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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