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Ev- names

"EV" baby names beginning or starting with Ev-.

These boy names were at the height of their popularity during 1890-1899 (adoption of 0.047%) and are almost as common today (adoption 0.031%, 34.2%), but with names such as Everette, Evans and Evert becoming less fashionable. Everett (#167) and Evan (#58) are two of the more chic boy names among these, with Evan and Everett undergoing a resurgence in usage. Evens (top 8%) and Eveleth (28%) are familiar Ev- last names.

Here is the list of Ev- names for girls.

pinEbenezer - Ewart

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ev- names: Eva, Evan, Evans, Everett, Everette, Evert

[Eveneser, Evenezer, .. 8 more] Var. of Ebenezer 1 Based on Hebrew. "Stone of help." Unusual. Compare Eveneser, Evenezer with common -er last name Euteneuer (top 72%).

[Everard, Everhardt, Evert, Evrard, Evreux, .. 6 more] Forms of Eberhard 2 Source fr. Old German, Old English. "Brave, strong boar." Everard (top 22%), Everhardt (32%), Evert (8%) and Evrard (28%) occur regularly as surnames. ..

[Evron, .. 14 more] Var. of Ephraim 3 Stems fr. Hebrew element. "Fruitful." Rather quaint as a baby name. See also Efron. ..

[Evan, .. 4 more] Var. of Euan 4 Root fr. Scottish, Gaelic elements. "Born of yew; youth." Usage of Evan as a baby name in 2014 was 0.3% less than the year before. Gender-neutral name. ..

[Evgeni, Evgeny, Evgueni, Evguenni, .. 20 more] Forms of Eugene 5 Source fr. Greek word. "Noble aristocrat." Eggueni, Evgueen and Evguena are kreatif forms. ..

Evan [Evann, Evans, Ev, Eva, Evin, Even, Evo, Evyn, .. 7 more] 6 Derivative of Hebrew, Welsh, Scottish. "God is gracious." Adoption of Evan, Evin, etc. as birth names in 2014 was down 0.3% compared to the previous year. ..

Evander 7 Based on Latin, Greek. "Good man." Unique, with the -er ending, like Eber. ..

Evangel [Evangelin, Evangelino, Evangelo, Evangelos, .. 3 more] 8 Derived fr. Greek word. "Good news." Sparing use. Evangel, Evangelo, etc. are not listed in the US Demographics. ..

Evaristus [Evariste, Evaristo] 9 Origin fr. Greek. "Pleasant." Evaristus, Evariste and Evaristo were not Top birth names in 2014. ..

Evelyn [Evelin] 10 Derived fr. Norman word. .. Author Evelyn Waugh's first wife was .. Unique, with the androgynous-sounding -yn suffix for Evelyn, like Edyn.

Everard [Evarado, Everado, Everardo, Evered, Everett, Everet, Everhart, Evrard, Evraud, .. 3 more] 11 Origin fr. Old German, Old English elements. "Brave, strong boar." Common, with usage of 0.0833% for Everard and variants as baby names in 2014, higher than 0.0811% the previous year. ..

Everest 12 Root fr. Old English. Probably related to Everett .. Not in Top 1000. See also Everet.

Everett [Everard, Evered, Everet, Everette, Evert, Everitt, Evrard, .. 6 more] 13 From Old German, Old English languages. "Brave, strong boar."Everett is the steady favorite. ..

Everild [Evald, Evaldo, Everald, Everhild, Everildo] 14 Derived fr. Old English word. "Boar battle." Not Top 1000 names.

Everley [Everlie, Everly] 15 Origin fr. Old English word. "Boar meadow." Everley, Everlie and Everly were not Top birth names in 2014. ..

Everton 16 Root fr. Old English element. "Boar settlement." Unusual. Everton, like Ellyson, ends with the androgynous -on. See also Egerton.

Evian [Evion] 17 Based on American element. Usage may be as a variant .. Uncommon. Evian, like Estevan, uses the androgynous -an ending.

Evo 18 Root fr. French word. "Yew." Outside Top 1000. See also Efi. ..

[Evald, Evaldo, .. 2 more] Forms of Ewald 19 Stems fr. Old German, Old English languages. "Law-powerful." Rare. Evald, like Everhild, uses the -ld ending. ..

[Evart, Evarts, Evert, .. 1 more] Forms of Ewart 20 Derived fr. Scottish. Transferred use of the Scottish surname .. Evarts (top 16%) and Evert (8%) occur frequently as last names.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Ev- names for boys.

Ebenezer - Ewart
Ebenezer [Eveneser, Evenezer], Eberhard [Evert, Evrard, Evreux, Everard, Everhardt], Ephraim [Evron], Euan [Evan], Eugene [Evgeni, Evgeny, Evgueni, Evguenni], Evan [Ev, Evo, Eva, Even, Evyn, Evin, Evann, Evans], Evander, Evangel [Evangelo, Evangelos, Evangelin, Evangelino], Evaristus [Evariste, Evaristo], Evelyn [Evelin], Everard [Evraud, Evered, Evrard, Everet, Everado, Everett, Everhart, Everardo], Everest, Everett [Evert, Evrard, Evered, Everet, Everitt, Everard, Everette], Everild [Evald, Evaldo, Everald, Everhild, Everildo], Everley [Everly, Everlie], Everton, Evian [Evion], Evo, Ewald [Evald, Evaldo], Ewart [Evert, Evart, Evarts]

John - Yves
John [Evan], Yves [Evo]