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Ha- names beginning or starting with Ha- for males. Names that start with Ha- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Ha- names for girls. These boy names reached the apex of their popularity during the years 1890-1899 and are almost as popular today, but with names such as Harley, Harry, Harold, Harmon and Harris becoming somewhat outmoded. The trendier boy names in this list are Harvey (#493), Hayes (#545), Hank (#602), Harrison (#127) and Hassan (#759), with Hank, Harrison, Harvey and Hayes going through a rekindling in usage.

Aaron - Averill

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[Haroun, .. 36 more] Var. of Aaron 1 Derivative of Hebrew. "Mountain of strength." The form Haroun is unusual as a men's name, and it appears regularly (Top 95%) as a surname in the US Census. See also Haron.

[Hadrian, Hadriano, Hadrien, Haydrian, Haydrien, .. 22 more] Var. of Adrian 2 Stems fr. Latin word. "From Hadria." The forms Hadrian, Hadriano, Hadrien, Haydrian and Haydrien are rarely occurring as men's names. ..

[Haimon, .. 4 more] Var. of Aimon 3 Derivative of Old German word. "Fatherland." The form Haimon is a sparsely used men's name. See also Heiman. ..

[Hanson, .. 2 more] Var. of Anson 4 Root fr. English element. Possibly means son of Ann or .. Unique as a name for boys, Hanson is found more frequently as a surname. See also Tanson.

[Haverell, Haverill, .. 10 more] Var. of Averill 5 Derivative of Old English word. "Boar battle." The variant forms Haverell and Haverill are uncommon as men's names. ..

Popularity of Ha- baby names

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Summary of all names (grouped by variations) for Ha- names for boys.

[Aaron - Averill]
Aaron [Haroun], Adrian [Haydrien, ..], Aimon [Haimon], Anson [Hanson], Averill [Haverill]

[Chai - Habib]
Chai [Hai], Chaim [Hayyim, ..], Chairo [Hairo], Chanan [Hanan], Chaniel [Hanyel, ..], Chanoch [Hanok, ..], Chaviv [Haviv], Ezekiel [Haskel], Habakkuk [Habbakuk], Habib [Habeeb]

[Hackett - Hafiz]
Hackett [Hackitt, ..], Hackman, Hadar [Hadur], Hadden [Hadon, ..], Hadi, Hadley [Hadly, ..], Hadrian [Hadrien], Hadriel, Hadwin [Hadwynne, ..], Hafiz [Haphiz, ..]

[Hagen - Halden]
Hagen [Haggan], Hagley [Hagly, ..], Haig, Haidar [Haydar], Haim [Hayyim], Hakeem [Hakim], Hakon [Hako, ..], Hal, Halbert [Halburt], Halden [Halvdan, ..]

[Hale - Halley]
Hale [Hayle, ..], Haley [Hayley, ..], Halford [Hallford], Hali, Halim, Hall, Hallam [Hallem], Hallberg [Hallburg, ..], Halle, Halley

[Halliwell - Hamid]
Halliwell [Hallewell, ..], Hallward [Hawarden, ..], Halsey [Halsy, ..], Halstead [Halsted, ..], Halton [Halton, ..], Halvard [Halvor, ..], Ham, Hamal [Hamahl], Hamar, Hamid [Hameed]

[Hamilton - Hampus]
Hamilton [Hamill, ..], Hamill [Hammill, ..], Hamish, Hamlet [Hamnett, ..], Hamlin [Hamlyn, ..], Hammer [Hammur], Hammond, Hampden, Hampton [Hampten], Hampus

[Hancock - Hanson]
Hancock [Handcock], Hanford, Hani, Hanif, Hank, Hanley [Hanly, ..], Hannibal, Hanoch, Hans [Hanzel, ..], Hanson [Hansson, ..]

[Hansraj - Harford]
Hansraj, Harbin [Harben], Harcourt, Harden [Hardon], Harding [Hardinge], Hardwick [Harwyck], Hardwin [Hardwynn, ..], Hardy [Hardey], Harel [Harrell], Harford [Harrfurd, ..]

[Hargrove - Harper]
Hargrove [Hargreaves], Hari, Harkin [Harken], Harlan [Harlynn, ..], Harley [Harly, ..], Harlow [Harloe, ..], Harman [Harmonn, ..], Harmony [Harmonio], Harold [Harry, ..], Harper [Harpur]

[Harrell - Hartwell]
Harrell, Harrington, Harrison [Harrisson, ..], Harry [Harrie], Harshad, Hart [Harte], Hartford, Hartley [Harthy, ..], Hartman [Hartmann], Hartwell [Harwill]

[Hartwig - Hastings]
Hartwig, Harun [Haroun], Harvey [Harvy, ..], Harwood [Harewood], Hasani [Hasan], Hashim [Hasheem], Haskel [Haskell], Haslett [Hazlitt, ..], Hassan [Hassain, ..], Hastings [Hasty, ..]

[Havelock - Hayes]
Havelock, Haven [Havin, ..], Haward [Hawarden], Hawes [Haws], Hawk, Hawkins [Hawkyns], Hawley [Hawly], Hawthorne [Hawthorn], Hayden [Haydon, ..], Hayes [Hays]

[Hayward - Herman]
Hayward, Haywood, Hazaiah, Hazard [Hazzard], Hazen [Hazin], Hazleton, Hazlewood, Henry [Harry, ..], Herbert [Harbert], Herman [Harmon, ..]

[Hyatt - Paul]
Hyatt [Hayatt], Hyman [Hayyim], Jacob [Hamish], James [Hamish], Jan [Hans], Javier [Haviero], John [Hansl, ..], Muhammad [Hammad], Paul [Havel]