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Ha- names

"HA" baby names beginning or starting with Ha- are used more often as masculine names.

These boy names were at the apex of their popularity during the years 1890-1899 (usage of 0.0306%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.0129%, 57.8%), but with names such as Harley, Harry, Harold, Harmon and Harris becoming somewhat outmoded. The trendier boy names in this list are Harvey (#493), Hayes (#545), Hank (#602), Harrison (#127) and Hassan (#759), and there is also a rekindling in birth name usage for Hank, Harrison, Harvey and Hayes. Hahn (top 1%) and Harter (2%) are common Ha- last names.

Here is the list of Ha- names for girls.

pinAaron - Hadi

Page 1/8 of 144 Ha- grouped names.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ha- names: Haden

[Haroun, .. 36 more] Form of Aaron 1 From Hebrew word. "Mountain of strength." Halroun, Hazroun and Horoun are kreatif forms.

[Hadrian, Hadriano, Hadrien, Haydrian, Haydrien, .. 22 more] Forms of Adrian 2 Stems fr. Latin language. "From Hadria." Not Top 1000 names. ..

[Haimon, .. 4 more] Var. of Aimon 3 Derived fr. Old German. "Fatherland." Unique. Haimon (cf. Hardon) uses the -on suffix. See also Harmon. ..

[Hanson, .. 2 more] Var. of Anson 4 Derivative of English element. .. Surname. Unusual. Hanson, like Huntingdon, uses the -on ending. See also Sanson.

[Haverell, Haverill, .. 10 more] Forms of Averill 5 Root fr. Old English word. "Boar battle." Unusual, with the -ll suffix for Haverell, Haverill like Haskell. ..

[Hai] Form of Chai 6 Derivative of Hebrew language. "Living, vital." Not Top 1000 name. See also Haim.

[Haim, Hayvim, Hayyim, .. 7 more] Forms of Chaim 7 Stems fr. Hebrew. "Life." Unusual, with the -im ending for Haim, Hayvim, Hayyim like Hakim. ..

[Hairo, .. 2 more] Form of Chairo 8 Source fr. Spanish, Greek languages. "Sacred name." Outside Top 1000. See also Hari. ..

[Hanan] Var. of Chanan 9 Based on Hebrew language. "God was compassionate." Not in Top 1000. See also Hasan.

[Haniel, Hanniel, Hanyel, .. 1 more] Forms of Chaniel 10 Based on Hebrew word. "Grace of God." Unusual. Haniel, Hanniel, Hanyel, like Howel, ends with the androgynous -el.

[Hanoch, Hannoch, Hanok, .. 2 more] Var. of Chanoch 11 Based on Hebrew. "Experienced, profound." Not Top 1000 names. ..

[Habib, Haviv] Forms of Chaviv 12 Root fr. Hebrew language. "Loved one." Outside Top 1000. ..

[Haskel, .. 9 more] Var. of Ezekiel 13 Derivative of Hebrew element. "God strengthens." Not in popularity charts. See also Hazel. ..

Habakkuk [Habacuc, Habbakuk] 14 From Hebrew element. "Embrace." Not in Top 1000.

Habib [Habeeb] 15 From Arabic element. "Loved one." Not in popularity charts.

Hackett [Hacket, Hackit, Hackitt] 16 Root fr. Old French, German elements. "Little hewer (of wood)." Not Top 1000 names.

Hackman 17 From Old French, German elements. "Hewer, hacker (of wood)." Unique. Hackman, like Hoffman, uses the common -man ending.

Hadar [Hadaram, Hadur, .. 1 more] 18 Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Splendor, glory. ornament; citrus fruit." Unique, with the androgynous -ar suffix for Hadar like Halvar.

Hadden [Haddan, Haddon, Haddin, Haden, Hadon] 19 Source fr. Old English language. "Hill of heather." Unusual. Hadden, Haden (cf. Hanssen) ends with -en.

Hadi 20 Derivative of Arabic word. "Rightly guide." Not Top 1000 name. See also Hani.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Ha- names for boys.

Aaron - Hadi
Aaron [Haroun], Adrian [Haydrien, ..], Aimon [Haimon], Anson [Hanson], Averill [Haverill], Chai [Hai], Chaim [Hayyim, ..], Chairo [Hairo], Chanan [Hanan], Chaniel [Hanyel, ..], Chanoch [Hanok, ..], Chaviv [Haviv], Ezekiel [Haskel], Habakkuk [Habbakuk], Habib [Habeeb], Hackett [Hackitt, ..], Hackman, Hadar [Hadur], Hadden [Hadon, ..], Hadi

Hadley - Halim
Hadley [Hadly, ..], Hadrian [Hadrien], Hadriel, Hadwin [Hadwynne, ..], Hafiz [Haphiz, ..], Hagen [Haggan], Hagley [Hagly, ..], Haig, Haidar [Haydar], Haim [Hayyim], Hakeem [Hakim], Hakon [Hako, ..], Hal, Halbert [Halburt], Halden [Halvdan, ..], Hale [Hayle, ..], Haley [Hayley, ..], Halford [Hallford], Hali, Halim

Hall - Hamlin
Hall, Hallam [Hallem], Hallberg [Hallburg, ..], Halle, Halley, Halliwell [Hallewell, ..], Hallward [Hawarden, ..], Halsey [Halsy, ..], Halstead [Halsted, ..], Halton [Halton, ..], Halvard [Halvor, ..], Ham, Hamal [Hamahl], Hamar, Hamid [Hameed], Hamilton [Hamill, ..], Hamill [Hammill, ..], Hamish, Hamlet [Hamnett, ..], Hamlin [Hamlyn, ..]

Hammer - Harding
Hammer [Hammur], Hammond, Hampden, Hampton [Hampten], Hampus, Hancock [Handcock], Hanford, Hani, Hanif, Hank, Hanley [Hanly, ..], Hannibal, Hanoch, Hans [Hanzel, ..], Hanson [Hansson, ..], Hansraj, Harbin [Harben], Harcourt, Harden [Hardon], Harding [Hardinge]

Hardwick - Harshad
Hardwick [Harwyck], Hardwin [Hardwynn, ..], Hardy [Hardey], Harel [Harrell], Harford [Harrfurd, ..], Hargrove [Hargreaves], Hari, Harkin [Harken], Harlan [Harlynn, ..], Harley [Harly, ..], Harlow [Harloe, ..], Harman [Harmonn, ..], Harmony [Harmonio], Harold [Harry, ..], Harper [Harpur], Harrell, Harrington, Harrison [Harrisson, ..], Harry [Harrie], Harshad

Hart - Hawk
Hart [Harte], Hartford, Hartley [Harthy, ..], Hartman [Hartmann], Hartwell [Harwill], Hartwig, Harun [Haroun], Harvey [Harvy, ..], Harwood [Harewood], Hasani [Hasan], Hashim [Hasheem], Haskel [Haskell], Haslett [Hazlitt, ..], Hassan [Hassain, ..], Hastings [Hasty, ..], Havelock, Haven [Havin, ..], Haward [Hawarden], Hawes [Haws], Hawk

Hawkins - Jan
Hawkins [Hawkyns], Hawley [Hawly], Hawthorne [Hawthorn], Hayden [Haydon, ..], Hayes [Hays], Hayward, Haywood, Hazaiah, Hazard [Hazzard], Hazen [Hazin], Hazleton, Hazlewood, Henry [Harry, ..], Herbert [Harbert], Herman [Harmon, ..], Hyatt [Hayatt], Hyman [Hayyim], Jacob [Hamish], James [Hamish], Jan [Hans]

Javier - Paul
Javier [Haviero], John [Hansl, ..], Muhammad [Hammad], Paul [Havel]