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Jo- names

"JO" baby names beginning or starting with Jo-.

These boy names reached the height of their popularity a decade ago (usage of 0.116%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.091%, down 21.5%), but with names such as Johnathon becoming somewhat outmoded. The trendier boy names in this list are Josiah (#64), Jonah (#138), Jordan (#55), Jonathan (#44) and Joshua (#25), with Jonah, Jonathan, Jordan, Joshua and Josiah enjoying a revival in usage. Johns (top 1%) and Johal (20%) are popular Jo- surnames.

Here is the list of Jo- names for girls.

pinGeoffrey - John

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Joaquin, Jodie, Jody, Joe, Joel

[Joffrey, Joffroy, .. 26 more] Var. of Geoffrey 1 Source fr. Old German word. "Peace." Not in Top 1000. ..

[Joeri, Joran, Jorck, Jordi, Jorgan, Jorg, Jorge, Jorgen, Joris, Jory, Jorn, .. 44 more] Var. of George 2 Origin fr. Greek word. "Farmer." Common as surnames, and Jorn (upper 45%) is comparable to popular -orn surname Worn (upper 66%). ..

[Jovan, Jovanney, Jovanni, Jovanno, .. 15 more] Var. of Giovanni 3 Derived fr. Italian, Hebrew words. "God is gracious." Listed in Top 1000. ..

[Jock, .. 4 more] Var. of Jacques 4 Derivative of French, Hebrew elements. "He who supplants." Not in popularity charts. See also Lock. ..

[Jomal, Jomahl, Jomall, .. 19 more] Var. of Jamal 5 Origin fr. Arabic word. "Handsome." Jaimal and Jormal are kreatif variations.

[Joffre, Joffrey, .. 22 more] Forms of Jeffrey 6 Root fr. Old German. Probably refers to "peace" .. Joffre and Joffrey were not Top birth names in 2014.

[Joachim, Joachim, Joaquin, Josquin, .. 5 more] Forms of Jehoiakim 7 Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Established by God." Popular, with the common -in ending for Joaquin, Josquin, like Joslin. ..

Joab 8 Based on Hebrew language. "Praise Jehovah." Not in Top 1000. See also Job.

Joachim [Joacheim, Joaquim, Joaquin, Josquin, .. 6 more] 9 Source fr. Hebrew. "Established by God." Joachim (top 9%), Joaquim (44%) and Joaquin (7%) occur frequently as last names. ..

Joash 10 Root fr. Hebrew. "Given by the Lord." Not in popularity charts. See also Jasha.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Joey, Johan, Johann, John, Johnie

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Johnnie, Johnny, Johnpaul, Jon, Jonnie

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Jordi, Jorge, Jory, Jovan, Jovanni

Job [Joab, Jobe, Joby] 11 Derivative of Hebrew element. "Persecuted." Unique, with the unconventional masculine -ob ending for Job, like Jacob.

Joben 12 Derivative of Japanese element. "Enjoy cleanness." Not Top 1000 name. See also Jovin.

Jock [Jocko] 13 Variant of Jacob (Hebrew) he who .. Jock and Jocko are not often adopted as children's names.

Jody [Jodey, Jodi, Jodie] 14 Derived fr. English word. .. Literary. Jody is a familiar (upper 35%) masculine name, while Jodey, Jodi and Jodie are unusual.

Joe [Joemar, Joey, Jomar] 15 Stems fr. English element. Short form of Joseph .. Listed in Top 1000.

Joed 16 Origin fr. Hebrew. "Jehovah is witness." Joed is rare as a children's name.

Joel [Joell, .. 1 more] 17 From Hebrew language. "Jehovah is the Lord." Joel is commonplace as a baby name compared to Joell.

Joffrey [Jophrey] 18 Variant of Jeffrey (Old German). Unusual, with the -ey ending for Joffrey, Jophrey, like Joncorey.

Johar 19 Stems fr. Hindi word. "Jewel." Not in popularity charts. See also Jayar.

John [Joannes, Joao, Jock, Jocko, Johanan, Johan, Johann, Johannes, Johncarlo, Johnn, Johnmichael, Johon, Johnie, Johnnie, Johnpatrick, Johnny, Johnpaul, Jon, Jona, Jovan, Jonnie, Jovanney, Jovanney, Jovanni, Jovonni, .. 60 more] 20 Derivative of Hebrew language. "God is gracious." Johan, Johann, John, Johnie, Johnnie, Johnny, Johnpaul, Jon, Jonnie, Jovan and Jovanni are more common as birth names among these versions. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Jo- names for boys.

Geoffrey - John
Geoffrey [Joffrey, Joffroy], George [Jory, Jorn, Jorge, Joris, Jorgan, Jorgen, ..], Giovanni [Jovan, Jovanni, Jovanno, Jovanney], Jacques [Jock], Jamal [Jomal, Jomahl, Jomall], Jeffrey [Joffre, Joffrey], Jehoiakim [Joachim, Joaquin, Josquin], Joab, Joachim [Joaquim, Joaquin, Josquin, Joacheim], Joash, Job [Joab, Jobe, Joby], Joben, Jock [Jocko], Jody [Jodi, Jodey, Jodie], Joe [Joey, Jomar, Joemar], Joed, Joel [Joell], Joffrey [Jophrey], Johar, John [Jovan, Jonnie, Jovanni, Jovonni, Jovanney, ..]

Johnson - Joss
Johnson [Jonson, Johnston], Jolyon, Jomei, Jon [Jonn, Jonny, Jonte, Jonnie, Jontae, Jonpaul, ..], Jonah [Jonas, Jonasco], Jonathan [Jon, Jonathon, Johnathan, Johnathon], Jones, Jonte [Johnte, Jontez, Jontae, Johntay, Jontell], Joram [Jorim], Jordan [Jori, Jory, Jordyn, Jourdan, Jourdain, Jourdaine, ..], Jordi, Jorell [Joran, Jorel, Jorrel, Jorrell], Joren [Jorn, Jory, Jorey, Joron, Jorry, Jorian], Jorge [Jorje], Jory [Jorey, Jorie], Jose [Joseito], Joseph [Joss, Jozef, Josue, Joszef, Josephe, Josephus, ..], Joshua [Joss, Josua, Josue, Jozua, Joshuah, Joushua], Josiah [Josia, Josias, Joziah], Joss [Joslin, Josslin]

Jotham - Yochanan
Jotham, Jovan [Jove, Jovi, Jovin, Jovon, Jovany, Jovito, ..], Jove, Joyner [Joiner], Judah [Jody], Julian [Jolyon], Julius [Jolyon], Jurgen [Jorgen], Justin [Joos, Joost], Yochanan [Johanan]