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Names starting with Jo-

Page 1/3. 47 Jo- name results beginning or starting with Jo- for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Jo- names for girls.

George (Greek) "Farmer." ..
[Joran, Jorgan, Jorge, Jorgen]

Giovanni (Italian, Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..
[Jovan, Jovanney, Jovanni, Jovanno]

Jacques (French) Variant of James via Jacob ..

Jamal (Arabic) "Handsome."
[Jomal, Jomahl, Jomall]

Jeffrey (Old German) Probably refers to "peace" ..
[Joffre, Joffrey]

Jehoiakim (Hebrew) "Established by God." ..
[Joachim, Joachim, Joaquin, Josquin]

Joab (Hebrew) "Praise Jehovah."

Joachim (Hebrew) "Established by God." ..
[Joacheim, Joaquim, Joaquin, Josquin]

Joash (Hebrew) "Given by the Lord."

Job (Hebrew) "Persecuted."
[Joab, Jobe, Joby]

Joben (Japanese) "Enjoy cleanness."

Jock Variant of Jacob (Hebrew) "he who supplants" or John (Hebrew) "God is gracious" ..

Jody (English) Nickname for Joseph (Hebrew) "Jehovah increases" and Jude ..
[Jodey, Jodi, Jodie]

Joe (English) Short form of Joseph ..
[Joemar, Joey, Jomar]

Joed (Hebrew) "Jehovah is witness."

Joel (Hebrew) "Jehovah is the Lord."

Joffrey Variant of Jeffrey (Old German).

Johar (Hindi) "Jewel."

John (Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..
[Joannes, Joao, Jock, Jocko, Johan, Johanan, Johann, Johannes, Johncarlo, Johnmichael, Johnn, Johon, Johnie, Johnnie, Johnny, Johnpatrick, Johnpaul, Jon, Jona, Jonnie, Jovan, Jovanney, Jovanney, Jovanni, Jovonni]

Johnson (Old English) "Son of John." ..
[Jonson, Johnston]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Jorge, Jovan, Jovanni, Joaquin, Jody, Jodie, Joe, Joey, Jomar, Joel

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: John, Johan, Johann, Johnie, Johnnie, Johnny, Johnpaul, Jon, Jonnie, Johnson

Joaquin, Jody, Joe, Joel, Joey, John, Johnie, Johnnie, Johnny, Johnson, Jon and Jorge are commonly used names, while the other Jo- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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