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Jur- names beginning or starting with Jur- for males. Names that start with Jur- are used more often as masculine names.

George - Juri

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[Jurgen, Jurek, Jurik, .. 31 more] Var. of George 1 From Greek word. "Farmer." The forms Jurek, Jurgen and Jurik are scantly used as male names. Jurek (Top 22%), Jurgen (94%) and Jurik (71%) occur commonly as last names according to the US Census. ..

Jurgen 2 Source fr. Scandinavian element. Variant of George (Greek) "farmer" .. A given name for baby boys that is not commonly used, occurring more frequently as a surname. See also Jorgan.

Juri 3 From Slavic word. Variant of George (Greek) "farmer". Not extensively used as a birth name for boys. See also Jorie.

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[George - Juri]
George [Jurik, Jurek, Jurgen], Jurgen, Juri