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Ken- names beginning or starting with Ken- for males. Names that start with Ken- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Ken- names for girls. Usage of these boy names reached its peak in 1960-1969 and it is almost as widespread today, but with names like Kenny, Kendall, Kenyon, Kenton and Kent becoming somewhat dated. Kendrick (#334) is the most trendy baby name in this compilation.

Keenan - Kendrew

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[Kennan, Kennon, .. 5 more] Var. of Keenan 1 Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Ancient." The forms Kennan and Kennon are uncommonly used male names. Kennan (Top 26%) and Kennon (8%) occur frequently as last names according to the US Census. ..

Ken [Kennan, Kenney, Kennie, Kenny] 2 Derivative of English word. Short form of names beginning with Ken- such as Kenneth .. The variations Kenny, Kenney and Ken are more prevalent as baby names among the different forms of the name.

Kenan 3 Root fr. Hebrew element. "Acquire." The variation Kenan is an uncommonly used men's name, and it occurs regularly (Top 27%) as a surname in the US Census. See also Kentan.

Kendall [Kendal, Kendale, Kendel, Kendell, Kendill, Kendle, Kendyl, Kendyll, Kenny] 4 Derivative of Old English. "The Kent river valley." Kendall and Kenny have diminished in favor as names for boys over time since 1960-1969.

Kendrew 5 Root fr. Scottish element. "Man, warrior." Kendrew is uncommonly used as a men's name, and it occurs regularly (Top 80%) as a surname in the US Census. See also Kendric. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ken- names: Ken, Kenan, Kendal, Kendall, Kendell, Kenney, Kenny

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[Keenan - Kendrew]
Keenan [Kennan, Kennon], Ken [Kenny, Kennan, Kennie, Kenney], Kenan, Kendall [Kenny, Kendle, Kendyl, Kendell, Kendill, Kendyll, ..], Kendrew

[Kendrick - Kent]
Kendrick [Kenny, Kenrik, Kenrick, Kendryck, Kenricks, ..], Kenelm [Kenhelm, Kennelm], Kenji [Kenjiro], Kenley [Kenly, Kenlee, Kenlie, Kenlea, Kenleigh], Kenn, Kennard [Kenner, Kendon, Kennaird], Kennedy [Kenedi, Kennady, Kennedey], Kenneth [Ken, Kenny, Kennet, Kennett, Kennith], Kenny [Kenney], Kent [Kentt, Kennt, Kentrell]

[Kentaro - Kenyon]
Kentaro, Kenton [Kentan, Kentin], Kenward, Kenway, Kenyatta, Kenyon