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Names starting with Ken-

Page 1/2. 21 Ken- name results beginning or starting with Ken- for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Ken- names for girls.

Keenan (Irish, Gaelic) "Ancient." ..
[Kennan, Kennon]

Ken (English) Short form of names beginning with Ken- such as Kenneth ..
[Kennan, Kenney, Kennie, Kenny]

Kenan (Hebrew) "Acquire."

Kendall (Old English) "The Kent river valley."
[Kendal, Kendale, Kendel, Kendell, Kendill, Kendle, Kendyl, Kendyll, Kenny]

Kendrew (Scottish) "Man, warrior." ..

Kendrick (Welsh) "Greatest champion." ..
[Ken, Kendric, Kendricks, Kendrik, Kendrix, Kendryck, Kenny, Kenrick, Kenrick, Kenricks, Kenrik]

Kenelm (Old English) "Brave helmet." ..
[Kenhelm, Kennelm]

Kenji (Japanese) "Intelligent second son; strong and vigorous." ..

Kenley (Old English) "The king's meadow."
[Kenlea, Kenlee, Kenleigh, Kenlie, Kenly]

Kenn (Welsh) "Bright water." ..

Kennard (Old English) "Brave guard."
[Kendon, Kennaird, Kenner]

Kennedy (Irish, Gaelic) "Helmet head; ugly head." ..
[Kenedi, Kennady, Kennedey]

Kenneth (Irish, Gaelic) "Fire born; good-looking."
[Ken, Kennet, Kennett, Kennith, Kenny]

Kenny Surname and nickname of Kendall, Kendrick and Kenneth.

Kent (Old English) "Edge."
[Kennt, Kentrell, Kentt]

Kentaro (Japanese) "Sharp; big boy."

Kenton (Old English) "The royal settlement."
[Kentan, Kentin]

Kenward (Old English) "Brave or royal guardian."

Kenway (Old English) "Brave or royal fighter."

Kenyatta Used as homage to Jomo Kenyatta, first president of independent Kenya.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ken- names: Ken, Kenney, Kenny, Kenan, Kendall, Kendal, Kendell, Kendrick, Kennedy, Kenneth

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ken- names: Kennith, Kent, Kenton, Kenyatta

Ken, Kendall, Kendrick, Kenneth, Kennith, Kenny, Kent and Kenton are commonly used names, while the other Ken- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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