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Ki Names

Page 1/2. 39 Ki- name results beginning or starting with Ki- for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Ki- names for girls.

Christian (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..

Christopher (Greek) "Bearing Christ." ..
[Kit, Kitt]

Cian (Irish, Gaelic) "Ancient."
[Kiean, Kian]

Ciaran (Irish, Gaelic) "Black." ..

Cyril (Greek) "Master, lord." ..

Keenan (Irish, Gaelic) "Ancient." ..
[Kienan, Kienen]

Kenny Surname and nickname of Kendall, Kendrick and Kenneth.

Keon (Irish, Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..

Kerwin (Irish) "Little dark one."
[Kirwan, Kirwen]

Kibo (African) Place name: the highest peak in Africa on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kidd (Middle English) "Kid, young goat."

Kiefer (German) "Barrel maker." ..
[Kieffer, Kiefner, Kieffner, Kiefert]

Kieran (Irish, Gaelic) "Black."
[Kieren, Kiernan, Kieron, Kierren, Kierrin, Kierron, Kiran]

Killian (Irish, Gaelic) "Bright-headed." ..
[Kilean, Kilian, Killean]

Kim (English) Short form of Kim- names like Kimball or Kimberly ..

Kimball (Celtic) "War leader."
[Kimbal, Kimbel, Kimbell, Kimble]

Kimberly (Old English) "Cyneburg's meadow." ..
[Kim, Kimbo, Kimberleigh, Kimberley]

Kimo (Hawaiian) Variant of James and Jim.

Kincaid (Celtic) "Battle leader." ..

King (Old English) "King." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ki- names: Kian, Kieran, Kiefer, Killian, Kim, Kimberly, King

Kim and King are commonly used names, while the other Ki- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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