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Li- names

"LI" baby names beginning or starting with Li- are used more often as feminine names.

These boy names were at the apex of their popularity during the years 1890-1899 (usage of 0.0278%) and have remained as popular to this day (usage 0.0259%, down 6.9%), but with names such as Lindsey, Lindsay, Linwood and Lige becoming less in vogue. Lionel (#660), Lincoln (#87) and Liam (#2) are three of the more chic birth names in this list, and there is a rebound in birth name popularity for Lincoln and Lionel. Lile (top 8%) and Liao (4%) are popular Li- last names.

Here is the list of Li- names for girls.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Li- names: Liam, Lige, Lincoln, Lindsay, Lindsey, Linwood

[Lige, .. 14 more] Var. of Elijah 1 From Hebrew. "Jehovah is God." Ligo (top 93%) is a common surname similar to Lige (top 38%). See also Lake. ..

[Lisha, .. 8 more] Var. of Elisha 2 Source fr. Hebrew. "God is salvation." Also a girls' name. Not Top 1000 name. ..

[Lippo, .. 7 more] Var. of Felipe 3 Derivative of Spanish, Greek. "Lover of horses." Not Top 1000 name. ..

[Liander, Liandro, .. 9 more] Forms of Leander 4 Based on Greek language. "Lion man." Liando, Linddro and Lindro are kreatif variations.

[Liggett, .. 2 more] Form of Leggett 5 Root fr. Old French element. "One who is sent, delegate." Liggett is an uncommonly used masculine name, occurring commonly (top 5%) as a last name.

[Lief] Var. of Leif 6 Root fr. Scandinavian language. "Heir; loved." Lief is not frequently used as a children's name. See also Loeb.

[Lion, .. 8 more] Var. of Leo 7 From Latin language. "Lion." Unique. Lion, like Layton, ends with the common -on. See also Lon.

[Lioni, Lionisio, Lionni, .. 2 more] Forms of Leon 8 Origin fr. Greek word. Variant of Leo .. Rare as birth names, but Lionni, Lioni, etc. are pronounced like the more familiar Lonnie.

Liam 9 Origin fr. Old German. "Determined protector." Liam has risen in prominence since 1880-1889. See also Lino. ..

Liberio [Liberato, Liberatus, Liberto] 10 Based on Latin word. "Free." Liberio, Liberatus, etc. are not in the Top 1000.

Lidio [Licio, .. 1 more] 11 Stems fr. Portuguese element. "From Lydia." Lidio and Licio are unique first names. ..

Lidon 12 Derivative of Hebrew. "Judgment is mine." Not Top 1000 name. See also Lion.

Lincoln [Linc, Link] 13 Root fr. Old English word. "Lake colony." Usage of Lincoln and variants as children's names in 2014 was up >100% compared to the previous decade.

Lindberg [Lindbergh, Lindburg, Lindy] 14 Origin fr. Old German element. "Linden tree mountain." Not in popularity charts. ..

Lindell [Lindal, Lindall, Lindel, Linwood, .. 4 more] 15 Stems fr. Old English word. "Linden tree valley." Lindal, Lindall, Lindel and Lindell are more uncommon as baby names.

Lindeman [Lindemann, Linder] 16 Root fr. German language. "Dweller near the lindens." Uncommon. Lindeman (cf. Loman) ends with the unconventional androgynous -man.

Linden [Lindo, Lindon, .. 2 more] 17 Nature name .. Uncommon. Linden, like Langden, ends with the unconventional androgynous -den.

Lindhurst [Lindenhurst, .. 2 more] 18 Based on Old English word. "Linden village." Not in Top 1000.

Lindley [Lindlea, Lindlee, Lindleigh, Lindly] 19 Origin fr. Old English language. "Linden tree meadow." Uncommon, with the -ey suffix for Lindley, like Langley.

Lindsay [Lind, Lindesay, Lindsee, Lindsey, Lindy, Lindsy, Linsay, Linsey, Linzy, .. 3 more] 20 Stems fr. Old English element. "Lincoln's marsh; island of linden trees." Lindsey and forms were favored as birth names in the 1880s and have become less common, with Lindsey and Lindsay becoming less trendy.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Li- names for boys.

Elijah - Lindsay
Elijah [Lige], Elisha [Lisha], Felipe [Lippo], Leander [Liander, Liandro], Leggett [Liggett], Leif [Lief], Leo [Lion], Leon [Lioni, Lionni, Lionisio], Liam, Liberio [Liberto, Liberato, Liberatus], Lidio [Licio], Lidon, Lincoln [Linc, Link], Lindberg [Lindy, Lindburg, Lindbergh], Lindell [Lindal, Lindel, Linwood, Lindall], Lindeman [Linder, Lindemann], Linden [Lindo, Lindon], Lindhurst [Lindenhurst], Lindley [Lindly, Lindlee, Lindlea, Lindleigh], Lindsay [Linzy, Lindy, Linsay, Lindsy, Linsey, Lindsee, Lindsey, Lindesay]

Lindford - William
Lindford [Lindford], Link, Linley [Linly, Linlee, Linlea, Linleigh], Linn [Lin, Linnie], Linton [Lintonn], Linus [Lino, Linos], Lionel [Lionell, Lionelo, Lionnel, Lionello, Lionnell, Lionnello], Liron, Lisle, Litton [Litten, Littonn], Livingston [Livingsten, Livingstin, Livingstone], Lyle [Lisle], Lyndon [Lin, Lindy, Lindon, Linden], Lynford [Linford, Linnford], Lysander [Lisandro, Lizandro], William [Liam]