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Li Names

Page 1/2. 36 Li- names beginning or starting with Li- for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Li- names for girls.

Elijah (Hebrew) "Jehovah is God." ..

Elisha (Hebrew) "God is salvation." ..

Felipe (Spanish, Greek) "Lover of horses." ..

Leander (Greek) "Lion man."
[Liander, Liandro]

Leggett (Old French) "One who is sent, delegate."

Leif (Scandinavian) "Heir; loved."

Leo (Latin) "Lion."

Leon (Greek) Variant of Leo ..
[Lioni, Lionisio, Lionni]

Liam (Old German) "Determined protector." ..

Liberio (Latin) "Free."
[Liberato, Liberatus, Liberto]

Lidio (Portuguese) "From Lydia." ..

Lidon (Hebrew) "Judgment is mine."

Lincoln (Old English) "Lake colony."
[Linc, Link]

Lindberg (Old German) "Linden tree mountain." ..
[Lindbergh, Lindburg, Lindy]

Lindell (Old English) "Linden tree valley."
[Lindal, Lindall, Lindel, Linwood]

Lindeman (German) "Dweller near the lindens."
[Lindemann, Linder]

Linden Nature name: a tall, attractive-looking deciduous tree, also known as a lime tree.
[Lindo, Lindon]

Lindhurst (Old English) "Linden village."

Lindley (Old English) "Linden tree meadow."
[Lindlea, Lindlee, Lindleigh, Lindly]

Lindsay (Old English) "Lincoln's marsh; island of linden trees."
[Lind, Lindesay, Lindsee, Lindsey, Lindsy, Lindy, Linsay, Linsey, Linzy]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Li- names: Lige, Liam, Lincoln, Linwood, Lindsay, Lindsey

Elijah, Elisha, Felipe, Leif, Leo, Leon, Lincoln and Lindsay are commonly used names, while Leander, Leggett, Liam, Liberio, Lidio, Lidon, Lindberg, Lindell, Lindeman, Linden, Lindhurst and Lindley are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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