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Mi- names beginning or starting with Mi- for males. Names that start with Mi- are used more often as feminine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "mi", and here for the list of Mi- names for girls. Adoption of these boy names reached its apex during the years 1950-1959 and is almost as widespread today, but with names such as Micheal, Mitchell, Mike, Mitchel and Minor falling out of style. The most trendy names for newborns among these are Milan (#411), Milo (#311), Miles (#108), Micah (#109) and Miguel (#146), with Milan, Miles and Milo enjoying a rebound in popularity.

Emiliano - Michael

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[Milan, .. 1 more] Var. of Emiliano 1 Derived fr. Spanish, Italian, Latin elements. "Rival; laborious; eager." The form Milan is familiar (Top 91%) as a masculine name, and it appears regularly (Top 6%) as a surname according to the US Census. See also Eilan. ..

[Milbourn, Milbourne, Milburn, Millburn, Millburne, .. 3 more] Var. of Melbourne 2 Root fr. Old English language. "Mill stream." The forms Milbourn, Milbourne, Milburn, Millburn and Millburne are scantly used as male names. Milbourn (Top 19%), Milbourne (27%) and Milburn (4%) occur commonly as last names according to the US Census.

[Milesio, .. 5 more] Form of Melesio 3 Derivative of Spanish, Greek words. "Careful, attentive." The form Milesio is an unusual masculine name. See also Miles.

Micah [Mike, Mikey, Mikal, .. 1 more] 4 Root fr. Hebrew element. "Who is like God?." Mike has waned in popularity as a given name over the years. ..

Michael [Micael, Mical, Micha, Michaelangelo, Michail, Michal, Michale, Miche, Micheal, Michel, Michelangelo, Michele, Michelet, Michiel, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Miesha, Miguel, Mihai, Mihail, Mihailo, Mihaly, Mihangel, Mikael, Mike, Mikel, Mikell, Mikey, Mikkel, Mikhail, Mikhalis, Mikhos, Mikkel, Miko, Mikol, Miky, Miquel, Mischa, Misha, Mitch, Mitchell, .. 9 more] 5 Derivative of Hebrew word. "Who is like God?." The variant form Miguel has risen in favor with parents since 1880-1889. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Mi- names: Micah, Michael, Michale, Micheal, Michel, Michele, Mickey, Miguel, Mikal, Mike

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Mi- names: Mikel, Mikhail, Milan, Milburn, Mitch, Mitchell

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[Emiliano - Michael]
Emiliano [Milan], Melbourne [Milburn, Millburn, Milbourn, Millburne, Milbourne], Melesio [Milesio], Micah [Mike, Mikey, Mikal], Michael [Miky, Misha, Mitch, Miquel, Mischa, Mitchell, ..]

[Michelangelo - Minor]
Michelangelo, Michio, Middleton, Midian, Migdal [Migdahl, Migdoll], Miguel [Migelly], Mike [Mick, Mickey], Milbank [Millbank], Miki [Mikio], Milan, Milburn [Millborn, Milborne, Milbourne, Millborne, Millburne, Millbourne], Miles [Milo, Milan], Milford [Millford], Millard [Milward, Millerd, Millward], Miller [Millen, Millar, Millard], Mills, Milo, Milton [Milt, Miltie, Milten, Miltin, Millton], Miner, Minor [Miner]

[Minoru - Myron]
Minoru, Minos, Minster, Miroslav [Mirek, Mirko, Mircea, Miroslaw, Miroslawy], Misha [Mischa], Mishal [Mishaal], Mistral, Mitchell [Mitch, Mitchel, Mitchill], Mitford, Moses [Mioshe, Mioshye], Muhammad [Mihammad], Myron [Miron]