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"PA" names beginning or starting with Pa- for males. Click here for the list of names containing the element "pa", and here for the list of Pa- names for girls. Adoption of these boy names reached its apex during the years 1900-1909 (usage of 0.0331%) and has remained as widespread to this day (usage 0.0281%, down 15.1%), but with names such as Payton, Patsy, Patricia, Pat and Paris becoming somewhat dated. Paxton (#260), Parker (#73) and Pablo (#396) are three of the more contemporarily stylish names for newborns in this list, and there is a rebound in birth name usage for Parker.

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[Paco, Pacorro, Panchito, Pancho, Paquito, .. 38 more] Var. of Francis 1 Derived fr. Latin. "Frenchman." Paco (top 34%) and Pancho (43%) occur commonly as last names. ..

Pablo [Pablos] 2 Source fr. Spanish, Latin. "Little." Popular. Pablo, like Joncarlo, Rollo, ends with the familiar masculine -lo. ..

Pace [Paice, Payce] 3 Source fr. Hebrew. "Passover." Uncommon as baby names, but Pace, Paice, etc. are similar to the more familiar Jace.

Paciano 4 Stems fr. Spanish, Latin elements. "Peace." Unconventional. Compare Paciano with popular last names Lopiano (upper 43%), Biviano (34%), which also end with -iano.

Pacifico [Pacificus] 5 Origin fr. Spanish, Latin languages. "Calm, tranquil." Outside Top 1000.

Packard [Packer, Packert] 6 .. Packard was the name of a .. Not in popularity charts.

Paco [Pacorro] 7 From Spanish, Latin elements. "From France." Not in Top 1000. ..

Paddy [Paddey, Paddie, Padraic, Padraig] 8 Stems fr. Irish, Latin words. "Noble, patrician." Paddy (cf. Eaddy, Haddy) is a common -ddy suffix last name. ..

Pagan 9 Stems fr. Latin. "Countryman." Pagan is not a Top 1000 name. Cross-gender use.

Page [Padget, Padgett, Paget, Pagett, Payge, Paige] 10 Derivative of French word. .. May be used to indicate an .. Not Top 1000 names.

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Francis - Page
Francis [Paco, Pancho, Pacorro, Paquito, Panchito], Pablo [Pablos], Pace [Paice, Payce], Paciano, Pacifico [Pacificus], Packard [Packer, Packert], Paco [Pacorro], Paddy [Paddey, Paddie, Padraic, Padraig], Pagan, Page [Paget, Payge, Paige, Padget, Pagett, Padgett]

Pagiel - Parsons
Pagiel, Paine [Pain, Payne], Paisley, Paladio [Palladius], Paley, Palila [Pali], Palmer [Palmar, Pallmer, Palmerston], Palomo, Paltiel, Pancho, Paquito [Paco], Paris [Parris], Parker [Parke, Parks, Parkes, Parkman], Parkins [Parken, Parkin], Parmenio [Parmenios, Parmenius], Parnell [Parnel, Parrnell], Parr, Parrish [Parish, Parris, Parriss], Parry [Parrey, Parrie], Parsons [Parson]

Parthalan - Peyton
Parthalan [Pathalan], Parthenios [Parthenius], Parton, Parvaiz [Parvez, Parviz, Parwiz], Pascal [Pascoe, Pasqual, Pascual, Pascuale, Pasquale, Paschalis, ..], Patrick [Pats, Patty, Patsy, Patryk, Patten, Patton, ..], Patterson [Paterson, Pattison], Patton [Paten, Patin, Paton, Patten, Pattin], Paul [Pavel, Pavle, Pawel, Pavlo, Pauly, Pavlik, ..], Pawnee, Paxton [Paxon, Paxten, Paxtun, Packston], Pazel [Paz], Pell [Pall], Percival [Parsafal, Parsefal, Parsifal], Perry [Parry], Peter [Par], Peyton [Paden, Payton]