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"PR" names beginning or starting with Pr- for men. Names that start with Pr- are used more often as masculine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "pr", and here for the list of Pr- names for girls. These boy names are at the apex of their popularity presently (usage of 0.0363%), except for names like Price which have become less stylish. Princeton (#517), Prince (#412) and Preston (#149) are three of the more chic baby names among these, and there is also a rebound in birth name usage for Preston and Prince.

Francis - Pryor

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[Proinsias, .. 42 more] Var. of Francis 1 Based on Latin. "Frenchman." Uncommon. Proinsias, like Hieremias, Esaias, ends with the common masculine-sounding -ias. ..

[Prophyrios, .. 1 more] Form of Porfirio 2 Root fr. Greek. "Purple coloring." Not in popularity charts.

Pradeep 3 Source fr. Hindi language. "Light." Outside Top 1000.

Pratap 4 Root fr. Hindi element. "Majesty." Pratts (upper 17%), Pratt (1%) are popular surnames similar to Pratap (upper 55%).

Pratt 5 Root fr. Old English element. Surname .. Pratt (cf. Blatt, Prenatt) is a popular -att suffix surname. See also Pruitt.

Prentice [Prentis, Prentiss] 6 Source fr. Middle English. "Apprentice." Popular as last names, and Prentice (top 3%) is similar to popular -ice surnames Pernice (top 20%), Orefice (21%).

Prescott [Prescot, Prestcot, Prestcott] 7 Stems fr. Old English word. "Priest's cottage." Rare. Prescott, Prestcott (cf. Elyott, Endecott) end with the popular masculine -ott.

Presley [Presleigh, Presly, Presslee, Pressley, Priestley, Prestley, Priestly] 8 From Old English word. "Priest's meadow." Presleigh and variants are not Top 1000 names.

Preston 9 Derived fr. Old English word. "Priest's town." Adoption of Preston grew in 2007 and is now less. See also Prescot.

Prewitt [Prewet, Prewett, Prewit, Pruitt] 10 Origin fr. Old French. "Brave little one." Pruitt (upper 1%), Prewitt (3%), Prewett (11%) and Prewit (78%) appear frequently as last names.

Price [Pryce, .. 2 more] 11 Stems fr. Old French word. "Prize." Price (upper 1%), like Myrice (upper 81%), Penrice (49%), is a popular -ice suffix last name. ..

Primo [Preemo, Premo, Prime] 12 Derivative of Italian element. "First." Primo and variants are not Top 1000 names.

Prince [Princeton, Printz, Printze, Prinz, Prinze] 13 Derived fr. Latin. "Prince." Popular. Prince, like Torrence, Torence, ends with the common masculine -nce. ..

Procopio [Procopius, Prokopios] 14 Derived fr. Spanish, Greek languages. "Progressive." Outside Top 1000. ..

Proctor [Prockter, Procter] 15 Derivative of Latin. "Steward, official." Proctor (top 1%), like Victor (top 2%), Factor (11%), is a popular -ctor suffix surname.

Prosper [Prospero, Prosperus] 16 Origin fr. Latin language. "Fortunate." Prosper, Prospero and Prosperus are hardly found as given names. ..

Proteus 17 From Greek element. "Primordial, firstborn." Uncommon, but Proteus is comparable to common Pr- surnames Process (upper 86%), Preus (49%). ..

Proverb 18 Derived fr. English. "Saying." Unconventional. Compare Proverb and popular last names Proper (top 7%), Provens (85%), which also begin with Pr-.

Prudencio [Prudentius] 19 Based on Spanish, Latin languages. "Caution, discretion." Prudencio and Prudentius were not Top birth names in 2014. ..

Pryor [Prior] 20 Derived fr. Latin element. "Monastic leader." Common as surnames, and Pryor (upper 1%), Prior (3%) are comparable to common last names Prayor (upper 77%), Armor (18%), which also end with -or.

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[Francis - Pryor]
Francis [Proinsias], Porfirio [Prophyrios], Pradeep, Pratap, Pratt, Prentice [Prentiss], Prescott [Prestcott, ..], Presley [Priestly, ..], Preston, Prewitt [Pruitt, ..], Price [Pryce], Primo [Prime, ..], Prince [Prinze, ..], Procopio [Prokopios], Proctor [Procter], Prosper [Prosperus], Proteus, Proverb, Prudencio [Prudentius], Pryor [Prior]