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Ra- names beginning or starting with Ra- for males. Names that start with Ra- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Ra- names for girls. Usage of these boy names reached its apex during the years 1950-1959 and is almost as widespread today, but with names such as Rashad, Ramon, Ramiro, Randall and Ray becoming somewhat outmoded. The most fashionable names for newborns in this compilation are Raiden (#479), Raphael (#596), Rafael (#293), Raul (#423) and Randy (#511).

Erasmus - Rad

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[Ras, Rasmus, .. 3 more] Var. of Erasmus 1 Derivative of Greek word. "To love." The versions Ras and Rasmus are sparsely used male names. Ras (Top 89%) and Rasmus (29%) occur commonly as last names in the US Census. ..

[Rastus, .. 2 more] Var. of Erastus 2 Root fr. Greek element. "Beloved." Seldom used as a birth name. ..

Rabi [Rabbi, Rabee] 3 Derived fr. Arabic element. "Gentle wind." The forms Rabbi, Rabee and Rabi are scarcely used as masculine names.

Racham [Rachim, Raham, Rahim] 4 Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Mercy, compassion." The variations Racham, Rachim, Raham and Rahim are unique men's names, and Rahim appears often (Top 26%) as a surname according to the US Census.

Rad 5 Derivative of Old English word. "Adviser." A unique birth name for boys, Rad occurs more commonly as a surname. See also Rand.

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[Erasmus - Rad]
Erasmus [Rasmus], Erastus [Rastus], Rabi [Rabee], Racham [Rahim, ..], Rad

[Radames - Radwan]
Radames, Radbert, Radburn [Radburne, ..], Radcliff [Ratcliffe, ..], Radek, Radford [Radfurd], Radimir, Radley [Radly, ..], Radnor, Radwan

[Rafael - Rainart]
Rafael [Raphael, ..], Rafe [Rafer], Rafferty [Raffertey, ..], Rafi [Raffy, ..], Rafiq [Rafik], Ragnar [Raynor, ..], Rai, Raiden, Rahim [Rahiem], Rainart [Rainhardt]

[Rainer - Ramiro]
Rainer [Raynier, ..], Raines [Raynes, ..], Rajan [Rajah, ..], Rajiv, Raleigh [Rawly, ..], Ralph [Raul, ..], Ralston, Ram [Ramos, ..], Rami [Ramy], Ramiro [Ramirez]

[Ramon - Randy]
Ramon [Raymon, ..], Ramsay [Ramzi, ..], Ramsden, Ramses [Ramzan, ..], Rance [Rancell], Rand, Randall [Randy, ..], Randi, Randolph [Ranulfo, ..], Randy [Randie, ..]

[Ranger - Rashid]
Ranger [Range], Ranjit [Ranjeet], Rankin [Rankinn], Ransford, Ransley [Ransly], Ransom [Ransome], Raoul [Raul], Raphael [Ravel, ..], Rashad [Rashod], Rashid [Rasheyd, ..]

[Rashaun - Raymond]
Rashaun [Rayshawn, ..], Rasmus, Rastus, Raul [Raoul], Raven [Rayvin, ..], Ravi [Ravee], Rawlins [Rawson], Ray [Raynell, ..], Rayburn [Rayburne, ..], Raymond [Raymundo, ..]

[Raynor - Robert]
Raynor [Raynord, ..], Raziel, Redford [Radfurd], Redley [Radley], Redmond [Radmund], Reginald [Rayniero, ..], Reynard [Raynard], Reynold [Raynaldo], Richard [Raechard], Robert [Rabbie]

[Ronald - Rudolph]
Ronald [Ranald], Rudolph [Raoul]