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Ran- names beginning or starting with Ran- for men. Names that start with Ran- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Ran- names for girls. Usage of these boy names was at its peak in 1950-1959 and it is somewhat lower today, with names like Randall, Randolph, Randal, Randell and Randy falling out of fashion.

Rainer - Randi

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[Ranier, .. 5 more] Var. of Rainer 1 Derivative of Old German element. "Deciding warrior." The variation Ranier is a rare given name. See also Reinier. ..

Rance [Rancel, Rancell] 2 Possibly an occupational name from an old Scottish term for a tool similar to a reamer. The variant forms Rance, Rancel and Rancell are unusual as masculine names, and Rance appears commonly (Top 25%) as a last name in the US Census.

Rand 3 Derivative of Old German element. "Shield." Rand is a rare given name, and it occurs often (Top 4%) as a surname according to the US Census. See also Randie. ..

Randi 5 Derived fr. Norwegian, Old German words. "Fair, wise judge; wolf shield." Randi is rare as a masculine name. See also Rand. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ran- names: Rand, Randall, Randal, Randel, Randell, Randle, Randy

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[Rainer - Randi]
Rainer [Ranier], Rance [Rancel, Rancell], Rand, Randall [Randy, Randl, Randel, Randey, Randie, Randle, Randon, Randell, ..], Randi

[Randolph - Ronald]
Randolph [Randy, Randal, Ranolf, Randall, Randolf, Ranulfo, Randell], Randy [Randi, Randey, Randie], Ranger [Range], Ranjit [Ranjeet], Rankin [Rankine, Rankinn], Ransford, Ransley [Ransly, Ransleigh], Ransom [Ransome], Raynor [Rane, Ranell, Ranieri, Raniero], Ronald [Ranald]