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"SA" names beginning or starting with Sa- for males. Click here for the list of names containing the element "sa", and here for the list of Sa- names for girls. Adoption of these boy names reached its highest during the years 1930-1939 (usage of 0.0392%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.0293%, down 25.3%), but with names like Sam, Santos, Savion, Salvatore and Santo becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy names for newborns here are Samson (#628), Sage (#654), Sawyer (#110), Santino (#632) and Santiago (#115), and there is a rekindling in baby name popularity for Samson and Santiago.

Alexander - Saber

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[Sacha, Sander, Sandero, Sandor, Sandros, Sandro, Sandie, Sandy, Sascha, Saunder, Sasha, Saunders, .. 58 more] Forms of Alexander 1 Source fr. Greek element. "Man's defender, warrior." Common as surnames. Compare Sander (upper 2%), var. with popular Sand- last names Sandau (upper 32%), Sandoe (39%). ..

Saad 2 Derived fr. Arabic language. "Happiness." Uncommon. Saad (cf. Amad, Ahmaad) uses the popular masculine-sounding -ad suffix. See also Shade.

Saahdia [Saadya, .. 1 more] 3 Root fr. Aramaic element. "The Lord's help." Not in popularity charts.

Saarik [Saariq, Sareek, Sareeq, Sariq] 4 Root fr. Hindi. Nature name .. Saarik, Sariq, etc. are seldom found as male names.

Saber [Sabr, Sabre] 5 Origin fr. French word. "Sword." Outside Top 1000.

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[Alexander - Saber]
Alexander [Saunder, Saunders, ..], Saad, Saahdia [Saadya], Saarik [Sariq, Sareeq, ..], Saber [Sabr, Sabre]

[Sabino - Sainsbury]
Sabino [Savin, Savino, ..], Sable, Sacha [Sasha, Sascha], Sachar [Sacar], Sacheverell [Sachie], Sachiel [Sachiell], Sachio, Sackville, Sadiki [Sadeeki], Sadler [Saddler], Safford, Saffron [Saffren, Saphron], Sagan, Sage [Saige, Sayge], Sagiv, Saguaro, Sahil [Sahel], Said [Saeed], Sail, Sainsbury [Sainsberry]

[Saint - Sanders]
Saint, Sajan, Saladin, Salem, Salim [Salem, Saleem], Salisbury [Saulsbury, Saulisbury, ..], Salman, Salton, Salvador [Salvino, Sauveur, ..], Salvio [Salviano, Salviatus], Sam [Samy, Sammie, ..], Samael, Sami, Samson [Sanson, Sansone, ..], Samuel [Samwell, Samuello, ..], Sanborn [Sandborn, Sandbourne, ..], Sancho [Sanzio, Sauncho, ..], Sandberg [Sandburg, Sandburgh], Sander [Sandor, Sandino], Sanders [Sandros, Saunderson, ..]

[Sandor - Savion]
Sandor [Sandros], Sanditon, Sandhurst [Sandhirst], Sandy [Sandor, Sandro, ..], Sanford [Sandford, Sandfurd], Sanjay, Sanjiro, Santana [Santanna], Santiago [Santigo, Santiaco, ..], Santo [Sante], Santos [Santo, Santino], Sapir [Saphir, Saphiros], Sargent [Sarge], Sassacus, Satchel [Satchell], Saturnin [Saturnino], Saul [Saulo], Saville [Savill, Savyile, ..], Saviero, Savion [Savionn]

[Savoy - Zalman]
Savoy, Savyon [Savion], Sawyer, Saxe [Sachs, Sachsen], Saxon [Saxen, Saxton], Sayer [Sayre, Sayres], Sayid [Saiyid, Sayeed], Sebastian [Sabastian], Seraphim [Saraph, Sarafino], Solomon [Salomon, Salomone, ..], Xavier [Savion, Savyon, ..], Zalman [Salman]