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Sabino [Sabeeno, Sabin, Savin, Savino] 6 Based on Latin element. "Sabine." The variations Sabeeno, Sabin, Sabino, Savin and Savino are rarely occurring as male names. Sabin (Top 6%), Sabino (44%), Savin (42%) and Savino (10%) occur commonly as last names in the US Census. ..

Sable 7 From Old French element. Animal name .. Unique as a given name, existing more frequently as a last name. See also Cable.

Sacha [Sascha, Sasha] 8 Source fr. Russian, Greek words. "Man's defender." The forms Sacha, Sascha and Sasha are rarely occurring as men's names. ..

Sachar [Sacar] 9 Origin fr. Hebrew. Variant of Yisachar "reward". The versions Sacar and Sachar are uncommonly used male names, and Sachar appears commonly (Top 89%) as a last name in the US Census.

Sacheverell [Sachie] 10 Source fr. Norman French word. "Roebuck leap." The forms Sacheverell and Sachie are rarely occurring men's names. ..

Sachiel [Sachiell] 11 From Hebrew element. Name of the archangel which watches out for people born under the sign of Sagittarius. The variant forms Sachiel and Sachiell are uncommonly used men's names.

Sachio 12 Based on Japanese element. "Fortunately born." A scarce boys' name. See also Sacha.

Sackville 13 From Old English element. "Saxon's town." Sackville is rare as a given name.

Sadiki [Sadeeki] 14 Based on Swahili language. "Faithful, loyal." The versions Sadeeki and Sadiki are sparsely used as male names.

Sadler [Saddler] 15 Origin fr. Old English word. "Harness maker." The forms Saddler and Sadler are rare masculine names. Saddler (Top 6%) and Sadler (2%) appear commonly as last names in the US Census.

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