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"SAS" names beginning or starting with Sas- for men. Names that start with Sas- are used more often as feminine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "sas", and here for the list of Sas- names for girls.

Alexander - Sassacus

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[Sascha, Sasha, .. 68 more] Forms of Alexander 1 Source fr. Greek element. "Man's defender, warrior." Uncommon, but Sascha, Sasha are similar to common surnames Sachar (top 46%), Sachau (66%), which also begin with Sa-. ..

[Sascha, Sasha] Forms of Sacha 2 Root fr. Russian, Greek words. "Man's defender." Not in Top 1000. ..

Sassacus 3 Source fr. Native American Indian word. "Wild man." Not in Top 1000.

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Alexander - Sassacus
Alexander [Sasha, Sascha], Sacha [Sasha, Sascha], Sassacus