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"TA" names beginning or starting with Ta- for males. Click here for the list of names containing the element "ta", and here for the list of Ta- names for girls. These boy names reached the height of their popularity in the year 1998 (usage of 0.019%) and have remained as popular to this day (usage 0.0133%, down 30%), but with names like Tavon, Tariq, Tahj and Tad becoming less trendy. Tate (#388), Tanner (#208), Talon (#555) and Taylor (#435) are four of the more trendy birth names here, and there is a rebound in baby name usage for Taylor.

Anastasios - Tadeo

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[Taso, .. 17 more] Var. of Anastasios 1 Derivative of Greek element. "Resurrection." Taso is rarely used as a children's name. See also Togo. ..

[Tavin, .. 15 more] Form of Gustave 2 Stems fr. Scandinavian. "Royal staff; staff of the gods." Unconventional. Compare Tavin and popular last names Cavin (top 6%), Hlavin (48%), which also end with -avin. See also Tavis. ..

Tab [Tabb, Taber, Tabor] 3 Root fr. English language. Nickname of David .. Tabor (upper 1%), Taber (3%) and Tabb (5%) are found commonly as last names.

Tabasco 4 Place name .. Tabasco was not a Top birth name in 2014.

Tabor [Taber, Taibor, Tavor, Taybor, Tayber] 5 From Hungarian, Hebrew languages. "Encampment; misfortune, bad luck." Tabor (top 1%), like Zabor (top 61%), Nabor (25%), is a common -bor suffix last name. ..

Tabib [Tabeeb] 6 Stems fr. Turkish language. "Doctor." Not in Top 1000.

Tacitus 7 Name of a famous Roman historian 100 .. Not in popularity charts.

Tad [Tadd, .. 1 more] 8 Derivative of English. "Heart." Common, and Tad is similar to popular last names Dad (top 51%), Chad (28%), which also end with -ad. ..

Tadao 9 Source fr. Japanese. "Complacent; satisfied." Not in popularity charts. See also Taddeo.

Tadeo [Taddeo, Tadzio] 10 Derivative of Spanish, Aramaic languages. "Heart." Tadeo (upper 11%), Taddeo (13%), like Naddeo (upper 66%), Amadeo (23%), are popular -deo suffix last names. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Ta- names for boys.

Anastasios - Tadeo
Anastasios [Taso], Gustave [Tavin], Tab [Taber, Tabor], Tabasco, Tabor [Taybor, Tayber, ..], Tabib [Tabeeb], Tacitus, Tad [Tadd], Tadao, Tadeo [Taddeo, Tadzio]

Tadhg - Talmon
Tadhg [Tad], Tadi, Taft, Taggart [Taggert], Tahir [Taheer], Tahoe, Tahoma [Tacoma], Tait [Tate, Tayte], Taj [Tahj], Taji, Takeo, Takoda, Tal [Tahl, Talor], Talbet [Tallbot, Tallbott, ..], Talfryn [Talfrynn, Tallfryn], Talib [Taleeb], Taliesin, Tallis [Talys, Tallys], Talmai, Talmon

Talon - Tarrant
Talon [Tallin, Tallon, ..], Tamarack, Tamarisk, Tamerlane [Tamurlayn, Tamurlaine, ..], Tamir, Tammany, Tamson [Tamsen], Tancred [Tancredi, Tancredo], Tandie [Tandy, Tandey], Tanjiro, Tanner [Tannis, Tannon, ..], Tannon [Tansen, Tanson, ..], Tanton, Taos, Taran [Taren], Tariq [Tarik, Tarique, ..], Tarleton, Tarquin [Tarquino, Tarquinus], Taro, Tarrant [Tarrent]

Tarun - Terence
Tarun [Taroon, Taroun], Tasso, Tate [Taitt, Tayte], Tau, Taurus [Tauro, Taurino], Tavaris [Tavariss, Tavarous, ..], Taverner [Tavenner, Tavernier], Tavi [Tavee], Tavin, Tavio, Tavis [Tavid, Tavie, ..], Tavish [Tavis], Tavon [Taveon, Tavion], Tay, Taylan [Taylon], Taylor [Tailor, Tayler], Tayson, Tayton [Tayten, Taytin], Taz [Tazz, Tazman], Terence [Tarrenz, Tarrence, ..]

Terran - Thomas
Terran [Tarrin], Terrell [Tarrall], Terron [Tarron, Tarryn, ..], Thaddeus [Tadio, Tadzio, ..], Thandiwe [Tandy, Tandie], Thomas [Tamas, Tamhas]