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Th- names beginning or starting with Th- for men. Names that start with Th- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Th- names for girls. Usage of these boy names was at its highest during the years 1880-1889 and is almost as widespread today, but with names such as Thurman, Thornton, Theron, Thad and Thaddeus becoming somewhat dated. Theo (#509) is the most trendy baby name among these, with this name undergoing a rekindling in usage.

Anthony - Nathaniel

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[Thonus, .. 31 more] Var. of Anthony 1 From Latin word. English form of the old Roman family name Antonius, probably of Etruscan origin .. The version Thonus is an atypical men's name.

[Thano, Thanasis, .. 5 more] Var. of Athanasios 2 Based on Greek word. "Eternal life." The forms Thanasis and Thano are atypical masculine names.

[Thole, .. 28 more] Var. of Bartholomew 3 From Aramaic word. "Son of Talmai (the farmer)." Rarely used as a name for kids, Thole is used more frequently as a last name. ..

[Thijs, .. 7 more] Var. of Matthias 4 Based on German, Greek, Hebrew words. "Gift of God." Seldom used as a baby name. See also Teiji. ..

[Thaniel, .. 14 more] Var. of Nathaniel 5 From Hebrew word. "God has given." The form Thaniel is an unconventional given name, occurring often (Top 76%) as a surname according to the US Census. ..

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Summary of all names (grouped by variations) for Th- names for boys.

[Anthony - Nathaniel]
Anthony [Thonus], Athanasios [Thanasis], Bartholomew [Thole], Matthias [Thijs], Nathaniel [Thaniel]

[Tad - Theodoric]
Tad [Thad], Thaddeus [Thady, ..], Thandiwe [Thandy, ..], Thane [Thayne], Thatcher [Thaxter, ..], Thaw, Thayer, Theobald [Thibaut, ..], Theodore [Theodosius, ..], Theodoric [Theodric, ..]

[Theophilus - Thorburn]
Theophilus [Theophile], Theon, Theron [Therron], Theseus, Thierry, Thomas [Thompson, ..], Thor [Thorvald, ..], Thorald [Thorold], Thorbert, Thorburn [Thorbjorn]

[Thoreau - Thu]
Thoreau, Thorley, Thormond [Thurmund, ..], Thorndike, Thorne [Thorn], Thornley [Thornly, ..], Thornton, Thornycroft [Thorneycroft], Thorpe [Thorp], Thu

[Thurgood - Tor]
Thurgood, Thurl [Thurle], Thurlow [Thurloe], Thurman [Thurmon], Thurston [Thursten, ..], Till [Thilo], Tobias [Thoby, ..], Toby [Thoby, ..], Tom [Thom], Tor [Thor]

[Torquil - Tyson]
Torquil [Thorkel], Tyson [Thyssen]