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"TH" names beginning or starting with Th- for males. Names that start with Th- are used more often as masculine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "th", and here for the list of Th- names for girls. Usage of these boy names reached its highest during 1880-1889 (usage of 0.0406%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.0252%, down 38.1%), but with names such as Thornton, Thurman, Theron, Thad and Thaddeus becoming somewhat dated. Theo (#509) is the most trendy baby name among these, and there is also a rekindling in baby name usage for this name.

Anthony - Thatcher

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[Thonus, .. 31 more] Form of Anthony 1 Derived fr. Latin. English form of the old Roman .. Not that popular as a baby name.

[Thano, Thanasis, .. 5 more] Var. of Athanasios 2 From Greek language. "Eternal life." Rare. Thanasis (cf. Faris, Beauvais) uses the common androgynous -is suffix.

[Thole, .. 28 more] Form of Bartholomew 3 Root fr. Aramaic. "Son of Talmai (the farmer)." Thole was not among 2014's Top names. See also Thilo. ..

[Thijs, .. 7 more] Form of Matthias 4 Derived fr. German, Greek, Hebrew languages. "Gift of God." Not in Top 1000. See also Teiji. ..

[Thaniel, .. 14 more] Var. of Nathaniel 5 Root fr. Hebrew element. "God has given." Uncommon. Thaniel, like Ezekiel, Amiel, uses the common masculine -iel ending. See also Chaniel. ..

[Thad, .. 1 more] Form of Tad 6 Derivative of English element. "Heart." A moderately quaint boys' name these days, though Thad still occurs frequently as a masculine first name. ..

Thaddeus [Thad, Thaddaios, Thaddaos, Thaddaeus, Thaddius, Thaddaus, Thadeus, Thady, .. 7 more] 7 Derived fr. Aramaic word. "Heart." Ranked in Top 1000. ..

Thandiwe [Thandey, Thandie, Thandy, .. 2 more] 8 Derived fr. Zulu element. "Loved one." Unusual. Thandiwe (cf. Barlowe, Carlowe) ends with the common masculine-sounding -we.

Thane [Thaine, Thayne] 9 Stems fr. Old English, Scottish. "Landholder." Thaine, Thane and Thayne are barely found as first names.

Thatcher [Thacher, Thatch, Thaxter] 10 Stems fr. Old English word. "Roof thatcher." Thatcher is in the Top 1000.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Th- names: Thad, Thaddeus, Thatcher

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Th- names for boys.

Anthony - Thatcher
Anthony [Thonus], Athanasios [Thano, Thanasis], Bartholomew [Thole], Matthias [Thijs], Nathaniel [Thaniel], Tad [Thad], Thaddeus [Thady, Thadeus, Thaddaos, Thaddius, Thaddaus, Thaddaeus, ..], Thandiwe [Thandy, Thandey, Thandie], Thane [Thaine, Thayne], Thatcher [Thatch, Thacher, Thaxter]

Thaw - Thorne
Thaw, Thayer, Theobald [Theo, Thibaut, Thibaud, Thebault, Thibault], Theodore [Theo, Theodon, Theodor, Theodorus, Theodosios, Theodosius], Theodoric [Thedric, Thedrick, Theodric], Theophilus [Theophile], Theon, Theron [Tharon, Therron], Theseus, Thierry, Thomas [Thom, Thoma, Thomson, Thomason, Thompson], Thor [Thorin, Thorian, Thorsson, Thorvald], Thorald [Thorold], Thorbert, Thorburn [Thorbern, Thorbjorn], Thoreau, Thorley, Thormond [Thurman, Thurmond, Thurmund], Thorndike, Thorne [Thorn]

Thornley - Tyson
Thornley [Thornly, Thornlea, Thornleigh], Thornton, Thornycroft [Thorneycroft], Thorpe [Thorp], Thu, Thurgood, Thurl [Thurle], Thurlow [Thurloe], Thurman [Thurmon], Thurston [Thorsten, Thursten, Thurstan, Thorstan, Thurstain, Thorstein], Till [Thilo], Tobias [Thoby, Thobey, Thobie], Toby [Thoby, Thobey, Thobie], Tom [Thom], Tor [Thor], Torquil [Thorkel, Thirkell], Tyson [Thyssen]