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Ty- names beginning or starting with Ty- for males. Names that start with Ty- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Ty- names for girls. These boy names reached the height of their popularity in 1997 and are somewhat less popular today, with names like Tyrone, Tyrell, Tyree, Tylor and Tyron becoming somewhat dated.

Terrell - Timothy

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[Tyrell , Tyrrell, .. 10 more] Var. of Terrell 1 Possibly (Old French) "puller", referring to a nickname for a stubborn person, implying a comparison with a horse that uncooperatively pulls on the reins .. The version Tyrell is a familiar (Top 84%) given name, while Tyrrell is unusual in comparison. Tyrell (Top 13%) and Tyrrell (7%) occur often as surnames according to the US Census.

[Tybald, Tybalt, Tybault, .. 13 more] Var. of Theobald 2 From Old German element. "Brave people." The forms Tybald, Tybalt and Tybault are rare masculine names. ..

[Tyrus, .. 7 more] Var. of Thor 3 Source fr. Old Norse word. "Thunder." A scarce given name for boys, occurring more conventionally as a surname. See also Tris.

[Tyrell , .. 4 more] Var. of Thorald 4 Origin fr. Old Norse. "Follower of Thor." The version Tyrell is a familiar (Top 84%) given name, and it occurs often (Top 13%) as a surname according to the US Census. See also Tynell.

[Tymmothy, Tymon, Tymoteusz, Tymothy, .. 15 more] Var. of Timothy 5 Based on Greek element. "God's honor." The forms Tymmothy, Tymon, Tymoteusz and Tymothy are rarely occurring as men's names, and Tymon occurs often (Top 44%) as a surname according to the US Census.

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[Terrell - Timothy]
Terrell [Tyrell, Tyrrell], Theobald [Tybald, Tybalt, Tybault], Thor [Tyrus], Thorald [Tyrell], Timothy [Tymon, Tymothy, Tymmothy, Tymoteusz]

[Tino - Tyrell]
Tino [Tyno], Ty [Tye], Tychon, Tyler [Ty, Tylar, Tylor], Tynan [Tynon, Tynen, Tynin, Tynell, Tynnen, Tynnin], Typhoon, Tyquan [Tyquahn, Tyquann, Tyquohn, Tyquonne], Tyr, Tyree, Tyrell [Tyrel, Tyrrel, Tyrrell, Tyrelle]

[Tyrone - Tyson]
Tyrone [Tyron, Tyronne], Tyrus, Tyson [Ty, Tyce, Tycen, Tyeson, Tyssen]