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Names starting with Va-

Page 1/2. 26 Va- name results beginning or starting with Va- for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Va- names for girls.

Basil (Greek) "Royal, kingly." ..
[Vasile, Vasileos, Vasili, Vasilije, Vasilios, Vasilis, Vasilius, Vasilus, Vasily, Vassilij, Vassily]

Evan (Hebrew, Welsh, Scottish) "God is gracious; born of yew; youth." ..

Evangel (Greek) "Good news." ..
[Vangelios, Vangelis, Vangelo]

John (Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..
[Vanek, Vanko, Vanya]

Vachel (Old French) "Small cow."

Vail (Old English) "Valley."
[Vaile, Vaill, Vale]

Val Short form of Valentine ..

Valdemar (Old German) "Renowned leader."

Valente (Italian, Portuguese) "Valiant." ..

Valentine (Latin) "Strong, healthy." ..
[Val, Valen, Valentijn, Valentin, Valentinian, Valentino, Valentinus, Valentyn, Vallen]

Valerian (Latin) "Strong, healthy." ..
[Valerien, Valerio, Valerius, Valery, Valeryan]

Vali (Old Norse) Mythology: a warlike son of Odin.

Van (Danish) "Of." ..

Vance (Old English) "Marshland."

Vander Possibly (Dutch) "from the" or a short form of Evander (Greek) "good man".

Vandyke (Danish) "Of the dyke."

Vane (Old English) "Banner."

Vanya (Russian, Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..

Vardon (Old French) "Green knoll."

Varick (Old German) "Leader who defends."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Va- names: Van, Val, Valentine, Valentin, Valentino, Vance

Val, Valentin, Valentine, Van and Vance are commonly used names, while the other Va- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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