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Ven- Baby Names

"VEN" names beginning or starting with Ven-.

These names are scarcely used for boys. Venero (top 55%) and Veneri (54%) are common Ven- last names.

Here is the list of Ven- names for girls.

Benedict - Wenceslaus

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[Venedictos, .. 22 more] Form of Benedict 1 Root fr. Latin element. "Blessed." Vanedictos, Venedicto and Vinedictos are kreatif variations. ..

[Veniamin, Venyamin, .. 27 more] Forms of Benjamin 2 Derived fr. Hebrew. "Son of the right hand." Unique, with the -in ending for Veniamin, Venyamin like Valentin. ..

Venezio [Venetziano, Veneziano] 3 Root fr. Italian element. "Venice." Unique, with the -io suffix for Venezio like Virginio. ..

Venturo [Venturio] 4 Source fr. Spanish language. "Good fortune, good luck." Outside Top 1000.

[Venceslao, .. 7 more] Var. of Wenceslaus 5 Stems fr. Slavic. "Greater glory." Outside Top 1000. ..

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Benedict - Wenceslaus
Benedict [Venedictos], Benjamin [Veniamin, Venyamin], Venezio [Veneziano, Venetziano], Venturo [Venturio], Wenceslaus [Venceslao]