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Names Beginning with Mu- for Boys

"MU" baby names beginning or starting with Mu- are used more often as masculine names.

Here is the list of Mu- names for girls.

pinMarvin - Mustafa

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Mu- names: Muhammad, Murphy, Murray, Murry, Mustafa

[Murvin, Murvynn, .. 9 more] Forms of Marvin 1 Derivative of Welsh word. "Sea friend." Morvin, Murvinna and Murvinne are kreatif variations. ..

[Murton, .. 1 more] Form of Merton 2 Based on Old English element. "Town by the lake." Not in Top 1000. See also Marton.

[Murvin, Murvyn, .. 6 more] Var. of Mervin 3 From Old Welsh element. "Sea friend." Uncommon. Murvyn (cf. Marvyn) ends with -vyn. ..

[Munro, Munroe, .. 1 more] Var. of Monroe 4 Based on Scottish, Gaelic elements. "Mouth of the river Rotha, in Ireland." Not Top 1000 names. ..

Muhammad [Muhamet, Muhammed, .. 16 more] 5 Derived fr. Arabic language. "Praiseworthy." Ranked in Top 1000.

Muir 6 Based on Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Moor." Unique. Muir (cf. Munir) uses the -ir suffix. See also Mar.

Muller [Mueller] 7 Origin fr. German language. "Miller." Uncommon, with the favored androgynous -er ending for Muller, Mueller like Myller.

Munchin 8 Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Little monk." Not Top 1000 name. ..

Mungo 9 Source fr. Scottish, Gaelic languages. .. Mungo (from "Munghu") is a nickname .. Not in Top 1000. See also Manzo.

Munir [Muneer, Muneir, .. 3 more] 10 Stems fr. Arabic. "Shining, luminous." Not in Top 1000.

Murdock [Murdo, Murdoch, Murtagh, Murtaugh] 11 Source fr. Scottish, Gaelic words. "Sea." Rare, with the -ck suffix for Murdock like Merrick. ..

Muriel 12 Based on Irish, Gaelic. "Sparkling sea." Unique, with the androgynous -iel ending like Moriel. Also used for girls.

Murphy [Murfee, Murfey, Murfie, Murphee, Murphie, Murphey] 13 Derivative of Irish, Gaelic element. "Sea warrior." Unusual, with the unconventional androgynous-sounding -hy suffix for Murphy like Malechy.

Murray [Muiredach, Murrey, Murry, .. 1 more] 14 Root fr. Gaelic language. "Lord and master." Not Top 1000 names.

Murrow [Murough, Murrough, .. 2 more] 15 From Celtic language. "Sea warrior." Not in Top 1000.

Mustafa [Mustapha] 16 Source fr. Arabic element. "Chosen." Listed in Top 1000. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Mu- names for boys.

Marvin - Mustafa
Marvin [Murvin, Murvynn], Merton [Murton], Mervin [Murvin, Murvyn], Monroe [Munro, Munroe], Muhammad [Muhamet, Muhammed], Muir, Muller [Mueller], Munchin, Mungo, Munir [Muneer, Muneir], Murdock [Murdo, Murdoch, Murtagh, Murtaugh], Muriel, Murphy [Murfey, Murfee, Murfie, Murphee, Murphey, Murphie], Murray [Murry, Murrey, Muiredach], Murrow [Murough, Murrough], Mustafa [Mustapha]