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Names Beginning with So- for Boys

"SO" baby names beginning or starting with So- are used more often as feminine names.

Here is the list of So- names for girls.

pinOrson - Sutherland

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of So- names: Sol, Soloman, Solomon, Sonny, Soren

[Sonny, .. 7 more] Form of Orson 1 Stems fr. Latin language. "Bear." Sany, Seny and Sonna are kreatif forms.

[Sol, Sollie, .. 2 more] Var. of Saul 2 Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Prayed for." Not Top 1000 names.

[Solomon, .. 1 more] Form of Shalom 3 Based on Hebrew word. "Peace." Listed in Top 1000. See also Salmon. ..

Socorro 4 Root fr. Spanish word. "Aid, help." Also used for girls. Not in Top 1000.

Socrates [Sokrates] 5 From Greek. The name of the famous Greek .. Uncommon. Socrates, Sokrates, like Sayres, uses the favored androgynous -es ending.

Sofus [Sophus] 6 From Greek element. "Wisdom." Uncommon, with the favored masculine -us suffix for Sofus, Sophus like Stanislaus. ..

Sohan [Sohil] 7 Root fr. Hindi, Sanskrit languages. "Good-looking, handsome." Outside Top 1000.

Solomon [Sol, Solaman, Sollie, Soloman, .. 5 more] 8 From Hebrew language. "Peace." Common, with the -mon ending for Solomon like Symon.

Somerby [Somerbie, Somersby, Sommersby] 9 Based on Middle English language. "Summer village." Outside Top 1000.

Somerley [Somerled, Sorley] 10 Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Summer sailors." Outside Top 1000.

Somers [Sommer, Sommers] 11 .. Actor Josef Sommer. Unusual. Somers, Sommers, like Struthers, uses the -rs ending.

Somerset [Sommerset, .. 1 more] 12 From Old English. "Summer settlement." Outside Top 1000.

Somerton [Somervil, Somervile, Somerville] 13 Derivative of Old English word. "Summer town." Not in popularity charts.

Sonny [Sonnie, .. 1 more] 14 Derivative of English. "Son." Prevalent, with the -ny ending for Sonny like Sweeny. ..

Sophocles 15 Source fr. Greek element. Name of the great classical Greek .. Outside Top 1000.

Soren 16 Stems fr. Danish, Latin languages. "Apart." Ranked in Top 1000. See also Sereno. ..

Sorrell [Sorel, Sorrel] 17 Based on Old French word. "Red-brown." Outside Top 1000.

Sothern [Southern] 18 Derivative of Old English language. "From the south." Rare, with the masculine-sounding -rn suffix for Sothern, Southern like Stern.

Southwell 19 Based on Old English language. "South well." Outside Top 1000.

[Southerland] Form of Sutherland 20 "Southern island." Not Top 1000 name. Name of a country in northern ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for So- names for boys.

Orson - Sutherland
Orson [Sonny], Saul [Sol, Sollie], Shalom [Solomon], Socorro, Socrates [Sokrates], Sofus [Sophus], Sohan [Sohil], Solomon [Sol, Sollie, Soloman, Solaman], Somerby [Somerbie, Somersby, Sommersby], Somerley [Sorley, Somerled], Somers [Sommer, Sommers], Somerset [Sommerset], Somerton [Somervil, Somervile, Somerville], Sonny [Sonnie], Sophocles, Soren, Sorrell [Sorel, Sorrel], Sothern [Southern], Southwell, Sutherland [Southerland]